Fetch – or not

The first time we did fetch at dog training classes, almost all the other dogs ran after their toys and most of them brought them back. When it was our turn my biped waved my toy about and then threw it and said, “Fetch!” I sat and looked at her. She repeated, “Fetch!” I put my head on one side and remained where I was. The trainer soon decided it was the turn of the next dog and my biped had to go and get my toy herself.

My biped asked the trainer for some tips on how to get me to fetch more reliably. She explained that we worked on it at home and that I would sometimes do it, but I’d only ever do it once. You’d think she’d be pleased that I do it at all!

The trainer said, “Choose one of her favourite toys and don’t let her play with it, except for special games with you. Bring it with you next week and we’ll soon have her fetching reliably!”

The next week arrived and we took my favourite rope tug toy with us. We all did some work and then the trainer said, “It’s time to work on Clowie’s fetch now! Pick up her special toy and take her into the middle of the hall, get her to sit and then remove her lead. Play with her toy until she gets really excited and tries to take it from you – that’s when you throw it and ask her to fetch.”

Fetch? You make me laugh!

Fetch? You make me laugh!

Once she’d removed my lead, my biped started throwing my toy into the air. I sat and watched. She started jumping and making silly noises. I sat and watched. She started running around me, still throwing the toy into the air and making noises. I sat and watched.

The trainer asked another biped to join in the game. Someone held her dog and she came and started to play catch with my biped. They were running around and having lots of fun! I settled myself down in a more comfortable position with my head on my paws. It was lovely to watch the bipeds playing!

The trainer asked yet another biped to join in the game. They started throwing my toy across me and they sounded really excited. It was getting exhausting watching them! I flopped over onto my side, so that I could take a nap. The trainer decided that the bipeds had played for long enough.

The trainer told my biped that we needed to work hard on my fetch in the week. My biped asked her if she had any other ideas on how to make me more enthusiastic about it. The trainer said to keep trying to make a toy really exciting and I would decide to fetch it. She was wrong about that!

I still don’t understand why some dogs encourage their bipeds to think fetch is lots of fun. I see dogs running and getting the toy again and again. I will sometimes fetch something for my bipeds once, when I really want to please them. But I have no intention of making a habit of it! Do you like to play fetch?

See you next Wednesday!

137 thoughts on “Fetch – or not

  1. I like to run and get it but I don’t bring it back to the pawents. I will drop it 2 ft away from them and make them FETCH it themselves. BOL!

  2. Great job Clowie! We like to play on OUR terms, not on the terms of some bipeds! I will occasionally “fetch”, but ONLY if I want to! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. Clowie we love to play fetch but that is just our taste. Humans can be so entertaining. We would have paid good bones to see your human run around and make you excited about fetching.

    -Bella and DiDi

    • It’s great to play the games we enjoy. My biped did look very funny and it was even funnier when the other bipeds were trying to help!

  4. Now you are thinking like a cat! None of my cats will fetch and bring it back. Occasionally, but only if it’s catnip, they will actually chase something but once they have it, it’s theirs and woe is anyone who tries to take it away! Good dog!

  5. Clowie, you are the SMARTEST dog in the world, getting your biped out to do all that exercise. You probably added a million years to her life, BOL. Very impressive. Who cares about fetching, now us, we’re not fetch dogs. Throw it and we’ll go to it and chew it to death, BOL. Oh you sure did make us BOL & BOL reading this one. wag wag, Max & Bella

  6. TUT TUT Clowie you should have been a cat – their is no doing what the humans want πŸ™‚ x

  7. Nope, no fetch for me…well I would fetch a treat if the threw it, but I wouldn’t give it back!

  8. Hehehe, that is a great story, Clowie! I actually love to play fetch, but watching my mom jump around with a toy like a wild person might be even more fun πŸ™‚

    • It is very amusing! But as you enjoy fetch you probably wouldn’t be able to resist joining in! It might be a nice way to relax when you’re tired after a good game.

  9. Our doggie does like to go get a ball but doesn’t always bring it back to the Person. Clowie you are just too funny.Loved you lying down while the bipeds are throwing the toy back and forth over you. Love this story.

    • It’s much more fun to keep something! I’m glad you enjoyed my story. My biped was laughing, but the others seemed puzzled!

  10. Hey Clowie,
    There’s an Irish Terrier called Raiph you’d like, he lives in Bromyard, Herefordshire, UK.
    He writes, via his Mum, in a local Magazine called Off The Record.
    Google Bromyard, find the Bromyard info site and you should find its details there, maybe even his email address … you could swap stories πŸ™‚

  11. We aren’t a fetch family either – not even the person sees a point in fetch. Now keep away! My terrier sister and I spend lots of time taking things from each other and chasing, then pretending we don’t want it and trying to sneak it back…keep away is a battle of wits πŸ˜‰

  12. Dear Clowie
    Mes and Kozmo don’t play fetch, well, Kozmo does sometimes. THen there is the hairy slobbery sisters – Cinnamon LOVES fetch! She will fetch ANYTHING. Bob sort of plays fetch. When they Mommy and Daddy takes Cinnamon and Bob for a walk, They whacks balls with tennis racquets for Cinnamon and Bob. Cinnamon always fetches hers, but Bob runs up to where her ball has landed and then lays down and waits for Mommy or Daddy to picks it up and whacks it again. Me has taught her well!

    • I think Bob has that worked out well. It’s important to make sure that our bipeds get enough exercise! My favourite ball is a very large one with a handle on it. It bounces off at strange angles when it lands, because of the handle, but I can pick it up and run off with it – that’s lots of fun!

  13. Well, being a cat, I don’t understand the concept of “catch”. Good for you Clowie πŸ˜‰

  14. Not really. I will fetch my ball once most time but sometimes I will go get it for 3 or 4 times. When I want to fetch is when Mumsy is paying attention to the cats and not me. Hugs and nose kisses. Chancy

  15. Oh, how funny!

    Elka will fetch, though not always in a straight line necessarily. She goes to get whatever it is and then has to shake it and chew on it some before bringing it back.

    • That sounds quite reasonable to me. There wouldn’t be much point in chasing after it, if it didn’t need shaking or chewing!

  16. You are so smart Clowie! We don’t like to play fetch either and when we do, we get the ball and run off with it. That way mommy has to chase us and she gets really tired and then she doesn’t make us play anymore!!!!

    • I love running off with something and having them chase me to get it back! That’s a fun game and it’s important for them to exercise, so that they’re fit enough to take us for long walks.

  17. That is just great! Loved that you got comfortable while being a spectator of their ‘fetch’ game. πŸ™‚

  18. I think you have the right idea about “fetch” Clowie!

  19. I’m a princess so if the bipeds throw, they have to fetch it back as well. Me, I just play tug!


  20. LOL, that’s so funny to think of your bi-peds and others playing enthusiastically whilst you flop over for a little nappy. It’s like you’re the gym teacher, you don’t have to move about…you can just watch. Buddy never wanted to fetch stuff either. So we would just got get it ourselves and give him a big hug, it was worth it to watch him smile (he was probably laughing at us).

    • They were so enthusiastic that it was exhausting to watch them! Buddy had the right idea – if you throw it then you should fetch it. I love running off with my big ball and have them chasing me and trying to get it back – that’s fun!

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