Through the garden gate

It was a lovely Spring day and I was watching the world go by from behind the wrought iron gate at the side of our house. I was two years old and we lived in a small village in England then. I was never allowed in the front garden on my own, but I had quite a good view of the street from behind the locked gate. I could see my doggy pals go by with their bipeds, when they went out for their walks.

Not our garden gate, but I like this one! (from Wiki commons)

Not our garden gate, but I like this one! (from Wiki commons)

I saw a little girl I’d never seen before walking along with an adult biped. She saw me and pointed and said something to the adult biped she was with. The adult opened our front gate and, instead of going to the front door, she and the little girl came across the grass towards the gate where I was. I made an excited noise! They started stroking me through the gate. The little girl soon had her arms through as far as she could reach to give me a hug.

It was only a moment later that I heard our back door open and my biped came round the corner of the house. I turned my head to look and she appeared a bit startled. She hurried up to us and, for a moment, I was concerned that I’d done something wrong, but she put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Good girl, Clowie!”

Then she greeted the bipeds on the other side of the gate.

The adult biped said, “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have come into your garden like this, but Sophie loves animals and wanted to meet your dog. We’re on our way to visit someone a few doors along.”

My biped started to unlock the gate and replied, “Well, come into the back garden for a few minutes and it will be easier for her to make a fuss of Clowie.”

We all went across to the garden seat. The adults sat on the seat and I sat near it and Sophie came and stood right up against my chest with her head just under mine and her arms round me. I heard her mother asking what breed I am and my biped telling her how my ancestors protected flocks of sheep from wolves and bears.

They chatted about how much Sophie likes animals and then I heard my biped ask, “Do you know very much about dogs?”

Sophie’s mother replied, “No, not very much at all, we don’t often have the opportunity to meet one.”

My biped then explained to her that not all dogs are relaxed with children, for various reasons. She told her that she should teach Sophie to always ask the person with a dog whether it’s okay to approach the dog.

Sophie’s mother thanked my biped and said that she would be more careful. She asked if they could call by to see me, when they were next visiting in the village. I thought Sophie was really sweet, so I was pleased to hear my biped say that they could.

I saw Sophie again a couple of months later. She came to the front door with her mother and asked really nicely, “Please can I make a fuss of Clowie?”

That made my tail wag! We all went into the garden for a little while and Sophie hugged me and kissed me. Then my biped showed her how to give me a treat, holding her little hand out flat. I really enjoyed seeing her again!

See you next Wednesday!

123 thoughts on “Through the garden gate

  1. How sweet Clowie! Me and Nalle wish we could meet you even though we look like wolves and our names mean Bear, but we have no interest in sheep. Wooooowooooooo! Ku

    • I’m sure we’d have a great time playing together! I don’t have any sheep to protect, so you don’t need to worry about me thinking you are a threat to them!

  2. It’s an important lesson to teach children. Bubba is learning that she has to ask the mumma or daddy of the animal in question before she bounds up to give them loves … because not all anipals like loves from Bubba {imagine that?}!

    • I would love it if Bubba ran up to me to give me cuddles! It’s lovely when children like animals, but it is important for them to learn to ask first. My biped says she has always been crazy about animals and found it a difficult rule to follow when she was young.

  3. Sophie was very lucky to meet you at the garden gate. Thank goodness your Mum was able to explain the situation so Sophie and her Mum learned a very important lesson that day 😉

    • I am a child magnet! Children often approach us without asking when we are out and about. But we have been surprised a few times at finding someone we’d never seen before at that gate, when it was a tiny village in the middle of nowhere! It’s nice when children like animals, but it is important for them to learn that they shouldn’t approach without asking first.

  4. Your Mother gave very good advice it would be bad for the little girl to be hurt by a dog that’s not as nice. I’m glad she enjoyed petting you so much and of course you were very good. And very happy that she came back to visit with you.

    • Children do find me fascinating and they often approach when we’re out and about – I expect you find that as well. It’s lovely when children do like animals, but we try to tell them how to behave around dogs so that they stay safe.

  5. Very lucky you were there Sophie, instead of a doggy whomight not be such children friendly! That could have been bad, glad all went very well though! 🙂

    • Some of the other dogs in the village wouldn’t have liked her putting her arms through their gates! I was pleased to let her make a fuss of me and to help her learn how to behave with dogs.

  6. You are so good Clowie, I am not keen on little people, so if she had popped her hand through my gate, I would of barked my head off and scared her to death.. BOL I love that gate 🙂 See you next week 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • I love little people. I find them as interesting as they find me! But we do sometimes find children following us when we’re out and have to turn round to find their parents!

  7. We agree with the comments above. We have it all the time in the park and most mothers’ don’t even keep an eye on their children. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • We have sometimes had to find the parents of children who won’t stop following us, when we’re trying to leave the park! Lots of people don’t seem to be aware that children should ask before approaching a dog.

  8. That is such a lovely story, and a great lesson to learn. The Boxers are very friendly, but I would never allow a small child to run up to them. We always introduce ourselves in a nice calm way x.

    • Thank you! It’s lovely to see children and dogs getting along together, but it is important to be able to control the situation so that everyone stays happy.

  9. That is so true Clowie I love children but am still only young so can get a bit over excited I wouldn’t mean to but I could easily knock over a small child. My pal Brookers used to sit in the shop before I came to live here and she got to cuddle all the children that came in. People should always ask because if something happened that would just be dreadful for everyone!

  10. Part of the problem is that you are white and people naturally think white dogs are friendly nice dogs. My sister is the same way but she is also good with the bipeds.

  11. Beautiful image leading us into a lovely story with a very important message. So vital that children to learn to only approach animals with the owner’s consent. : )))

    • Thank you! It is important, Children and dogs can have so much fun together, when they know how to behave with each other.

  12. Oh that is such a good story. Love to hear about kids and animals. They make such good friends. And Clowie, that was so good of you to be so nice to that little girl. Take care.

    • Thank you, I adore getting attention from little ones! It’s lovely when children are brought up to love and respect animals.

  13. Oh Clowie you have a new friend! It sounds like she appreciates what a beautiful (and oh so very good and polite) dog you are too……..isn’t it FUN to have new friends????

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    p.s. did you give her a Clowie Cuddle???

  14. You mean you have a tough streak YIKES 🙂 xx

  15. Good for your mom, Clowie. She handled that very well 🙂 And you made a friend as well!

  16. Nice story and We like the pretty gate!

  17. sheltiebeauties

    You’re so patient, Clowie! I’m not fond of little bipeds as many of them like to pull my fluffy fur and tail. I know they love to play with me and they don’t mean to hurt me, but they are a bit rough somehow.


  18. Great post and what a beautiful gate. I probably would have licked her to death! Following from the blog hop!

  19. You’re so good Clowie. And you and your Mama taught that little girl and her mama lessons that will hopefully have her loving dogs her whole life long. Good for you!

  20. Hawk aka BrownDog

    Hi Y’all!

    You are so right…not all dogs are friendly, not all dogs are quiet enough to be around children and not all adult dogs are friendly to puppies either.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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