Throwing in the towel

Pippin, our cat, needed to take some tablets recently. He had to take one in the morning and one in the evening for a week. The biped would put him on the table and open his mouth and pop the tablet in and hold him until he swallowed it. Pippin was very good about this for three days.

Pippin on the terrace at home

Pippin on the terrace at home

But on the fourth day he decided he was feeling better and didn’t need to take any more medication. When the biped put him on the table and opened his mouth, he put a front paw up with all the claws out so that the biped couldn’t get the tablet to his mouth. She pushed his paw down and tried again. One of his back paws came round with all the claws out! It’s amazing how flexible a cat’s legs are!

The biped spoke to Pippin and told him that he really needed to take the tablet, but as soon as Pippin saw it getting near his mouth, he put a different paw up with the claws out. I’d never seen Pippin being so difficult and stubborn! The biped released him and put the tablet down. Pippin jumped down from the table and looked very pleased with himself.

The biped walked across the room to where she had left a folded towel. She opened out the towel and started walking back towards the table. Pippin saw what she was doing and miaowed and jumped back up on the table and ate the tablet that was there. The biped looked surprised. She picked up the jar of cat treats and gave Pippin one. She also stroked him and told him what a good boy he is. He purred and climbed into her arms for a cuddle.

I found this a bit puzzling. I had seen Mulberry, our other cat, being wrapped up in a towel occasionally. This used to happen if he was struggling and refusing to take a tablet. The biped would pop him in the middle of a towel and a few seconds later the towel was securely round him with just his head poking out. It always seemed to calm him down and he couldn’t move his legs and scratch. I had never seen this done to Pippin, he was always well-behaved.

When it was time for Pippin’s next tablet, the biped put the towel on the table and got a tablet out. She picked Pippin up and put him on the table. As soon as she picked up the tablet, Pippin reached his head forward and took the tablet from her and ate it. She told him what a clever boy he is and gave him a treat and a cuddle.

I asked Pippin why he had changed his mind about taking the tablets. He said, “No cat can win against the towel! Haven’t you heard me telling Mulberry to just give in and get it over with, when he was wrapped in the towel?”

I said, “Yes, but you weren’t wrapped up in the towel!”

Pippin said, “No, she used to wrap me in the towel when I was young and she was obviously planning to wrap me up in it. She seemed determined that I take the tablet and she wouldn’t make me take it if I didn’t need to, so I thought I might as well get it over with.”

Pippin can be very stubborn, but he’s also very wise!

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. Pippin SHOULD be a role-model for one of my kitties, who has to take a pill twice a day for the rest of her life (thyroid). But my kitty fought tooth and nail against the hand and the towel. Now she gets her meds wiped in her ear. Seems like a funny way to do it…..

    So, Mom, Dad & I say YAY for Pippin!!

    • It can be incredibly difficult to keep hold of a cat! They’re so flexible, they seem to be claws everywhere. Wiping medication in the ear sounds as though it should be easier than getting a tablet down an unwilling cat – I’d never heard of anything like that.

  2. What a clever Kitty!!

  3. You are very wise Pippin. Hope you are feeling better!

  4. sheltiebeauties

    A smart cat, Pippin!

    It also tells me not to underestimate my kitty neightbours.

  5. What a great post Clowie and so much to learn from here. Lot of wisdom, indeed. Have a great week, friend. Wag wag, Max & Bella

  6. that’s a smart cat!
    I have to make a Doggy Wrap whenever I need to brush his teeth, is the only thing he doesn’t like.

    • I’m not enthusiastic about having my teeth cleaned. Maybe Doggy will surprise you and give in gracefully one of these days – just like Pippin!

  7. Me is gasping in amazement!!! Me has never ever taken a tablet without extracting quarts of blood with my claws!!! Me can even escape the towel!!!

    • Nellie, I’m not allowed to let Pippin or Mulberry to see your comment! My biped says she wants them to keep thinking that the towel is unbeatable!

  8. Smart, Pippin! You make giving pills to cats seem so easy. 🙂

  9. Wowee, Pippin is incredibly smart Clowie!! My brother Ginger is going to be taking pills from tomorrow onward, so perhaps I should let him read this story first! 😀

    • Perhaps Pippin could persuade Ginger to be helpful! I hope there’s nothing seriously wrong with Ginger. Good luck! Cats can make it difficult.

  10. What a smart kitty. I wish the towel trick would work for my dogs, they hate medicine. Recently when Bambi hurt her paw and needed medicine she hate the taste, and no matter what I would end up having to liquidize it and squirt it into her mouth. She doesn’t scratch or bite, just spits it out and then looks at me like “why are you doing this to me?” There seems no easy way for pills or teeth brushing with my Bambi, or I’d be making a Bambi burrito at least twice a week for teeth brushing time. 😦 How can I convince her it’s for her own good?

    • He is smart! They have to watch me very carefully, or I’ll spit tablets out when they’re not looking. I have my teeth cleaned, but I’m not exactly enthusiastic about it. We could all learn from Pippin!

  11. Pippin is such a smart little guy. Sometimes giving in is really the only option. Good job, buddy.

  12. Pippin, you let the side down, mate!! 😉

  13. Chancy and Mumsy

    Wow! Sweet Pippin that is a first for us, we have never seen a cat take a tablet willingly. What a sweet one you are!!! That was great that you took the tablet on your own. Hugs and nose kisses

  14. Our mom never thought of using a towel. She squishes the kitties between her legs with them facing away from her. Then she pulls their head back by the muzzle which forces their mouth open. She drops the pill in as far back as it will go, gives it a little push in farther and clamps their mouth shut then strokes their throat until they swallow. It takes longer to type about it than it does to do it!

    • I’ve seen my biped use that position sometimes. She says she needed the towel as well when Pippin was being naughty! I sometimes wish I was as flexible as a cat!

  15. Clever Pippin and mommy too. Our vet used to do that to our first cat Ginger. They had “Dangerous Cat” written on her chart…LOL. She wasn’t dangerous, she just didn’t like that vet.

    • “Dangerous Cat” is a bit harsh! Pippin used to be quite difficult to hold still when he was taken to the vet, but he’s decided to just put up with whatever happens there as well recently!

  16. now that is one very very smart kitteh…just sayin’…

  17. Great story, Clowie. I’m glad you got Pippin to take the pill and that they’re making Pippin feel better! Our dogs don’t have much to with any unpleasant kitty time like pills or grooming, they prefer the kitties to be fun time pals exclusively!

  18. Sometimes my dog would eat the pills when they were wrapped up in his favorite treats, but other times he would spit them out. I wonder if some of them tasted better than others? But good for Pippin for taking his meds and getting better!

    • I used to eat tablets wrapped up in a treat when I was a puppy, but then I started to eat the treat and spit out the tablet. They found a soggy tablet on the floor and started watching more carefully! Now they throw the tablet down my throat and give me a treat when they’re sure I’ve swallowed it.

  19. What a clever kitty Pippin is! I bet your biped is very happy that Pippin has decided to do things “the easy way” 🙂

  20. Wow. WOW. I’m in shock. Clowie, you live in a most unusual home.

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