Slip sliding away

Before I tell you today’s tale, I have a couple of things to share with you. My friend Basil, in North Yorkshire, England, is looking for a home for a young cat. Over at Doggy’s Style they are concerned for a man who is missing, he is from Santander, Spain. Update: Good news – the missing man has been found alive.

Now for my tale:

It was a lovely day and we went to a spot by a very pretty mountain stream that we’ve been to quite often. The bipeds were having a picnic and I was enjoying splashing about in the stream. We were near waterfalls that have worn the rock into all sorts of strange shapes and there are lots of pools. The stream wasn’t as wide as usual as it was near the end of summer and there hadn’t been much rain for a while. There was a deep pool at the side of the stream that had very slippery rock all the way around it. It had become stagnant as the stream wasn’t flowing into it.

I wasn’t as careful as usual about where I put my paws and I slipped down a slimy slope and into the pool. I reached up with my front paws to get a grip to climb out but I could only reach slimy, slippery rock and my paws just slipped back down it. I tried a different spot on the side, but that was just as slippery. I started scrabbling frantically, I was beginning to panic. Then I heard one of my bipeds say, “Calm down! It’s okay!” in her soothing voice. So I stopped panicking and saw she was nearby and I just did gentle doggy paddle to stay afloat. I knew they’d seen I was in a predicament and they would help me.

In a clean pool, before I slipped

By a clean pool, before I slipped

It was only a moment later that the male biped was at the edge of the pool. He leaned over and grabbed me by the scruff of the neck as though I were just a puppy and started hauling me up out of the water. My front paws were soon on dry rock and I could grip and help to get my back legs out. I ended up more or less on top of him in a heap on the ground. I started licking his face and making excited noises to show my appreciation. He said, “Don’t you think I’m already wet enough?” But he was laughing and gave me a big hug.

He got to his feet and I stayed close to him and nudged him with my head. They packed up our stuff and we set off to walk home. On the way, I kept nudging the male biped and gazing up at him adoringly. He smiled and patted me. The female biped said, “You’re her hero!”

When we arrived home, I was surprised to find I wasn’t allowed indoors! They said I was a green slime monster and that I didn’t exactly smell sweet. They fetched the shampoo and gave me a bath outdoors. When they were rubbing me with towels afterwards to dry me, the male biped said, “We should have taken a photograph of our slime monster!”

The female biped said, “Well there’s still a two-legged slime monster that isn’t very fragrant!”

He replied, “Ah, I think I’ll go and take a shower!”

They both laughed and, as they had stopped rubbing me with the towels while they were talking, I decided it was time to have a good shake to get dry. They both said, “Yuck!” and moved away from me.  But they laughed even harder!

See you next Wednesday!

101 thoughts on “Slip sliding away

  1. Very relieved the episode ended in laughs by my, a photo of the slime monster would have been good 😀

  2. A similar scary situation happened when our Millie was a puppy she was swimming and a Newfoundland jumped on top of her, to the rescue was my husband. He jumped in with his dress clothes on and pager in his pocket reached under the Newfie and plucked her out! She has been his dog forevermore! God Bless your bipeds!

    • That sounds very frightening! I bet that didn’t do much for your husband’s dress clothes, but they can be replaced. I’m glad Millie was okay!

  3. Awws.. love the picture before the swim. Hehe.. there’s nothing wrong with having a nice swim.. hehe. Glad the bipeds weren’t mad at you for taking a dip and gave you a good bath. 🙂 I wanted to give you the Versatile Blogger award as an excuse to say hi *waves* and share your blog on mine. Please go to my awards page to pick it up Thank you for sharing as always. =^..^=

    • I love going in the water, but it was a bit scary when I couldn’t get out!
      Congratulations to you and thank you very much for passing the award on to me.

  4. I would have hated that! So pleased you don’t mind the water 🙂

  5. That’s a great picture of you by the slime pond, you look so fluffy that day, too back you got all eecky but sooooo happy you weren’t alone.

  6. That is trust and is so important to develope with your people. First you people have to show you they can be trusted by loving and doing the things that show you they will be there. As soon as you heard the soothing voice telling you “It’s Ok” you calmed because you believed what he said. Then he filled through by helping you out. The follow through by humans is SO important to develope trust. When I tell the Newfs I will do something I always follow through so if there is a problem and I tell them it’s Ok they immediately believe me. Great story Clowie and a very important one for humans and pets to learn 🙂

  7. Good job your Bipeds were there Clowie, I would of panicked too. I love the place you went too, looks beautiful 🙂 At least it wasn’t only you that was smelly and needed a baff..BOL see ya next Wednesday xxooxxx
    Mollie and Alfie

    • Yes, it was a worry when I couldn’t get out – I was relieved that they noticed. I don’t mind having a bath, but I always do my best to get everyone else wet as well.

  8. I wanted to show one more simple crises requiring trust from our last walk. With all the rain our hills down to the creek are wet and crumbly. Mica took the wrong one. She got half way up but the mud under her back feet kept crumbling and she was stuck and started to panic. I said calmly “Mica wait, mommy help”. She stopped struggling immediately and waited. I put my shoulder under her rear and gave her a boost up the hill. I got some head bump thank yous and I have her a big Hug and said – see everything is fine. Trust, develop trust with your pet and your both so much happier:-)

    • That’s lovely, I’m glad that you have that trusting relationship. It’s so much easier to help, if there’s trust – it’s very difficult to do anything for a large animal that’s in a panic.

  9. Laughing and slime monsters make for a fun story.

  10. Oooh! Slimey green Clowie and slimey green male biped! Very unfortunate for nice clean female biped that’s all I can say! lol 😉

    • I think she’d have struggled to pull me out! I did make sure she got nice and wet when I had my bath – I didn’t want her to feel neglected!

  11. You know I love a happy ending, Clowie! Thank goodness your bipeds were looking out for you. My wish is that every creature on earth has someone looking out for them.

    Love and licks,

  12. Oh Clowie what a story! That was quite a scary adventure for you AND your bipeds….I’m so happy it turned out well. I’m sure you will remember that spot by the mountain stream next time you go – just please be super careful and don’t let that green slime get you again!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • I promise to be careful, Sammy! When there’s more water in the stream, it’s easy to get out of the pool and it isn’t smelly.

  13. I love that photo…What a lovely spot for a picnic…You must have been really worried when you slipped …Thank heavens your bipeds were right there to help you…Wish we could have seen that green slime monster BOL!

    • There are some really pretty streams in this area, it is lovely to walk in them in the hot weather. I can count the times I’ve been worried on one paw – and that was one of them!

  14. Clowie your daddy is a hero. OMD thankfully you were both OK. LOL green slime monster!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Glad you are ok. Something similar happened to me on the ice when I was much younger, very scary for me and for mom. Sorry too about the bath…ugh!

    • Ice makes things even scarier because of the cold – I’m glad you’re ok. I don’t mind having a bath – I just make sure everyone gets wet!

  16. What a tale, I’m glad it had a happy ending.


  17. YAY for your male biped!!!!! He is brave indeed! Glad you are both safe and sound!

  18. I’m so glad your biped was there at the right moment. I guessed it: Water is dangerous… but otherwise you were green and that’s my favorite color… hmmm… I should try it too…where is this pond?

  19. Awww – what a great rescue story miss Clowie! Loved it!

  20. We would have panicked also. We don’t like the green slime monster and can understand your bipeds wanting to wash it off. We’re embarrassed to say we got a little teary eyed at the part when your male biped rescued you and you licked him nearly to death. We sure do understand that kind of gratitude. You sure do have great adventures, Clowie. Give licks to your bipeds from us. We think they’d be someone we’d definitely want to lick! BOL, Max & Bella

    • I don’t think the smell of the green slime was nearly as bad as they said it was, but I don’t mind having a bath! I’ll pass on some licks and hugs for you.

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