The would-be thief

There’s a bakery in a nearby village that sends a van out to the neighbouring villages a couple of times a week. My bipeds don’t often buy from it as it never arrives at the same time twice! But this particular day we were just on our way out for a walk when it arrived. My bipeds decided to buy some croissants and take them with us on our walk.

Usually my bipeds put food into a rucksack to carry, but the male biped was carrying the bag of croissants in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. This was because the weather was cool and we were going to the stream, so we didn’t need to take water for me to drink.

We have to pass Ron’s house to get to the stream – his full name is Turrón, but everyone calls him Ron. He is a young German Shepherd Dog and he spends most of his time hanging about in the road outside his house. It seems to be the highlight of his day when we go by. Most bipeds are nervous of him because he is large and, it has to be said, lacking in manners! My bipeds make a fuss of him and he has learnt not to leap all over them because they don’t give him any attention if he does.

Ron came rushing up to see us and my bipeds expected him to stand in front of us and wait for a fuss, as he usually does. But Ron tried to snatch the bag of croissants! Luckily the male biped was slightly quicker than Ron was and moved the bag away from him. My bipeds decided it was a day to ignore a rather naughty doggy and continued walking. That was not as easy as it sounds for my male biped, as Ron was enthusiastically jumping up his back as we walked away!

He followed us for a little way and then he dropped out of sight. My bipeds laughed and said he’d given up and what a relief that was. I kept looking round and stopping to listen, and my bipeds wondered what was so interesting, as I’m usually keen to get to the stream quickly.

We arrived at the stream and wandered along it a little way to a place where there are some rocks that the bipeds find relatively comfortable to sit on. They settled down and opened the bag of croissants. I barked a gentle warning and looked at the riverbank behind my bipeds. They turned to look in time to come face to face with Ron. His plan had been to sneak up behind them and lean over their shoulders and take the croissants from their hands!

They told him “no” and stood up to eat. Ron looked at me and decided not to jump up them. He watched them eat. When they had finished eating my bipeds gave him one of my treats! I would have been quite jealous if they hadn’t given me two and told me how good I was. Ron had a quick splash in the stream with me and then he left. We continued our walk and when we returned past Ron’s house later, he came up to greet us as though nothing had happened at all.

I think he now knows he can’t sneak up on my bipeds without me knowing!

See you next Wednesday!

105 thoughts on “The would-be thief

  1. Clowie, you are just amazing! Ron could learn so much from you. Good manners are vital in all dogs, no matter what their size and its nice your bipeds encourage Ron’s good behavior. If all bipeds did that, he would be such a pleasant companion. Sadly his bipeds aren’t doing him any favors.

    • Thank you! We live in a rural area and, sadly, a lot of the dogs here live outside and don’t get any training or socialisation. It makes my bipeds sad.

      • My sister lives in a rural area as well, and its terrible what people do. Sometimes a lack of proper socialization is the least of the dog’s worries. Someone shot one of their dogs and they rescued a puppy from being drowned in a sack. She has grown into a very lovely animal with a sweet nature, and they never found out who killed their dog. Of course, terrible things happen to city dogs and cats as well. Its disheartening to hear about what people are capable of.

        • It’s very sad. Very few cats or dogs are neutered in this area and they roam free. I dread to think what happens to most of the offspring. Most of the dogs think that chasing cars is a fun game and a number of them have a permanent limp to show it’s not really so clever.

  2. Clever Clowie. He didn’t fool you for a moment did he?

  3. Disaster averted! You did save the day Clowie. Ron may yet learn some manners from you.

    • Yes, they’d have lost their croissants, if I hadn’t seen what was going on! Ron is friendly, he could be a beautiful dog.

  4. Ron was clever to do the sneaking up thing..BOL he must really like those Croissants, perhaps he doesn’t get many treats Clowie.. You are so well mannered, you would never do anything like that . Have a wonderful Wednesday xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Wow Ron was not going to give up. Very funny. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. It’s a shame Ron’s hoomins don’t take time to teach him manners Clowie but maybe with your patient guidance he’ll learn to be a good dog one day

    • Yes, it is a shame because he has a really nice nature. But he is quite well looked after compared with some other dogs in the area.

  7. Who else thinks that as your parents are the best bipeds in the world they should adopt ron and give you a brother to play with?

    • I don’t think Ron would object to that idea. He pops along to visit us, if we haven’t been past his house for a week or so! But my bipeds say that they could very easily end up with a zoo and there are animals more in need of a new home than Ron.

  8. Awwww, Clowie looks like you have a little troublemaker to teach. So sweet though that your bipeds are so kind to him, probably the highlight of his day…and when he gets to splash around with you of course! xoxoxo- kirby and leah

  9. That was a surprise with Ron showing up for the croissants! He must have followed the aroma.. 😉 Nice that you had a splash in the stream with him!

  10. Doing what you were made to do, watching over your humans and the food supply 😉

  11. Ahhhh, the lure of a good croissant. I think Ron just wanted to have a good splash with you, Clowie, and the croissant was just the excuse.

  12. Manners are so important! Good Girl Clowie

  13. With a police dog your size who would dare to play smart thief.

  14. Good looking out for your bipeds Clowie!

  15. that Ron is kinda scary. He followed you there? His determination would have totally freaked me out.

  16. Oh Clowie, you are a great storyteller. We wagged feverishly through that whole read and our biped mom is now showing all her teeth, which looks pretty silly to us. Reminded us of a time we babysit Daisy, our neighbors white lab. Our male biped had bread in the toaster and walked out of the room for a minute. You have to imagine the gymnastics of anyone getting to that toaster in the middle of a big slab of granite in our kitchen that must be six feet wide (heck, our bipeds have trouble reaching over it). Dad comes back and the toast is missing. He thought he forgot to put it in, until a trail of crumbs revealed it was a crime scene! A friend who’s a vet once told us that in one of the vet books it jokingly says (in a serious chapter about lab’s appetites) “feed a cold, starve a retriever.” Of course, our bipeds laugh at that but we don’t think it’s funny. BOL Max & Bella

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my tale! My biped is laughing at the idea of a lab managing to get to the toast. She must have been very determined to reach it! I wonder how she managed it. I’m surprised she left any crumbs – maybe she was about to clear those up! Labs and retrievers do have a reputation for eating anything and everything.

      • Clowie, you are so clever with the crumbs comment. She must have heard biped dad coming back and ran from the scene. She is the silliest with hiding her secrets, can’t stop wagging that tails, BOL BOL. That was a dead giveaway. We think she propelled herself up there with hind legs off the ground, lol. Good thing she didn’t get stuck there. Glad it made your biped laugh. 🙂

  17. Ron sounds like quite a character. Your bipeds sound smart about the way they handle his naughtiness.

    • He is quite a character! Sometimes when we go past his house he has things he’s stolen from his own bipeds – like a big joint of meat.

  18. Clever Clowie (and clever Ron, too, for the good idea). This really made me smile.

  19. Oh Clowie, what a great little story! I’m afraid that I am the Ron of our neighbourhood… I’m a good dog most of the time, but if I see something lying abandoned… I’d never try to steal a croissant from someone who was still holding it, though. No, I don’t think I could go quite that far… Still, I think Ron and I could have a lot of fun together, BOL! Good job on the guarding, BTW! No one should pull a prank on our two-leggers while we’re on the job! BOL.
    Stella the Great Newfenees, via my scribe

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I knew you’d understand the importance of protecting the bipeds from other dogs. If anyone’s going to give them trouble, it’s our job! If something it just lying around then it’s a shame for it to go to waste. I’d never take something from someone though… My biped has just reminded me of this one occasion, but I was quite young and there were extenuating circumstances!!

  20. Clowie! Yous has spidey sense! Does yous gets tingly when yous knows Ron is near or did yous hear him or smell him?

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