Tempus fugit

Time flies! It’s my anniversary, it’s a year since I started my blog. I’ve made lots of lovely friends and the time has flown by. Thank you!

My bipeds have always told me how important my socialisation is. This meant I was fairly sure they would be supportive and help me when I took the next logical step and wanted social media accounts of my own! I make sure they still take me out and about as much as possible in the real world though.

I showed you a photograph last week from a day out with my bipeds and asked you what you could see hiding in it. There were some very interesting suggestions! Here is the photograph again, with a ring round the creature I was talking about.

Mystery creature circled

Mystery creature circled

If you saw something somewhere else, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong – it means I haven’t seen it! Here’s an enlargement of the ringed part of the photograph. It gets a bit blurred.

All clear now?

All clear now?

I don’t think I’d know what type of bird is there, if I hadn’t watched a kestrel flying around us that day. There was open land nearby and he had been hovering for quite a long time, he was searching for his lunch! I thought it only fair that I find a better photograph. This is an adult male.

Adult male kestrel

Adult male kestrel

We often see large birds of prey when we are out walking. I enjoy watching hawks and eagles. It’s very amusing when my bipeds try to take photographs because when we get home and look at the pictures, we can usually only see dots in the sky!

We see a few types of vulture as well. Some live here all year round and some only spend the summer here and go back to Africa for the winter. They look absolutely stunning in flight, they hardly seem to move a feather. But they are not quite so elegant when they are on the ground squabbling over whatever they have found. My bipeds have never allowed me to go and see if I can help!

A pair of Red Kites nest not far from where we live. We can watch them gliding above our garden. They hardly move their wings, they steer by changing the angle of their tail. Sometimes they fly across the garden almost low enough to touch – I think they’re curious about us!

Red Kite

Red Kite (from Wikipedia)

The wildlife here is fascinating, there are so many creatures that are new to us to see – and smell.

See you next Wednesday!

149 thoughts on “Tempus fugit

  1. Congratulations Clowie on your One Year Anniversary of blogging! Kestrals are beautiful birds.

  2. Kestrels are really awesome birds, I missed that one in your photo though. Happy blogging anniversary!

  3. That is sooooooooooo cool! We did see that but we thought we saw something else to the left too! (but Mom is blind lol)

  4. Wowie Clowie…blogging for one whole year! Congratulations. We hope you don’t mind us mentioning it but you don’t look any older than when you first started blogging!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

    • Thank you! I don’t mind you mentioning it at all – I take plenty of exercise to maintain my youthful good looks!

  5. Congratulations on your blogiversary, Clowie! That bird looks like it will peck your eyes out. Be careful. Ditto trying to “help” the vultures. Bad idea!

    Love and licks,

    • Thank you! I think the kestrel was looking for something smaller than me for lunch! My bipeds won’t let me go near the vultures when they’re on the ground, but they’d probably be frightened of me.

  6. Hi Clowie!
    Happy Anniversary. I didn’t even see that bird in the photo. Thanks for pointing it out. The bird photos are wonderful.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  7. Congratulations on your 1 year Blogiversary I’ve got mine coming up next month. I’m envious of were you live i love my birds of prek there so majestic, i can’t think of anything better than taking the dogs for a walk and enjoying nature at It’s finest.


    • Thank you! It is a lovely part of the world and there’s nothing we like better than taking a long hike and enjoying watching the wildlife.

  8. Happy Blog-aversary Clowie! It’s been so fun to read about all your adventures, they’re always witty and make me smile. Of course you’re so lovely to look at too, all white and fluffy! I thought that might be a big bird, it’s pretty majestic looking. I remember having dreams in my youth where I’d be flying around, looking down. It always felt so great, too bad we can’t join them up there, I wouldn’t need so many shoes, ha :D.

    • Thank you! It makes me happy to know you enjoy reading about my adventures. It would be wonderful to fly around like the large birds and look down on everything!

  9. Happy Bloggie Day, Clowie. We wuv you and your posts. And, this one with the kestrel, that we totally missed in the photo was very interesting. Reminded us of an incredible video we once saw of a team of basket ball players playing and through the court ran a person dressed in a gorilla outfit. The viewer was instructed to count or watch the ball and sure enough, I/we missed the gorilla! Wishing you and your great bipeds a wonderful day and terrific year of more blogging socialization. wag wag, Max & Bella

    • Thank you! I’ve heard about the gorilla that no one sees, but I haven’t seen the video – that sounds very funny! It’s amazing what you can miss when you’re concentrating on one aspect of something.

      • Here you go Clowie. http://www.livescience.com/6727-invisible-gorilla-test-shows-notice.html There was another one with radiologists being shown a chest Xray which had a tiny gorilla artifact on it and they all missed seeing it. It was a real xray! Very humbling, our limitations. And, it’s one of the reasons I respect you so much, Clowie, because you are aware of things: smell, hearing, etc. that I’ve no clue on. Anyone who knows and loves a fury friend like you can learn a lot about our own human limitations. I welcome the lessons and humility. ‘Nuf from me. Happy day to you all.

        • Thank you, I’ll watch that later – I’ll try to remember that I know the gorilla is there! I saw pictures of the X-rays in a newspaper article – I noticed the little gorillas, but then I wasn’t looking for the things that they were in the X-rays.
          My bipeds say that I help them enjoy the simple things in life because I live in the moment.

  10. Awesome! I love birds in the falcon family. I see lots of birds here, but unless I wear my glasses, I can’t really see anything more than a blur… sort of like the reddish blur in your photo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • All the birds of prey are beautiful. In the summer, when we see them in the sky, they just look black because the sky is so bright. We can then only recognize the ones with a distinctive outline.

  11. Happy Blogoversary, Clowie!!! I like all the animals on your place… and I wish I could smell it too like you :o) Sadly this screen has no smell-function :o)

    • Thank you, Easy! There’s no smell to the things I see on my screen either! You’d think they’d put that in – it’s obviously very important!

  12. We get some amazing hawks here in Oklahoma, as well as bald eagles. I would love to shoot them and pull out their feathers, but that’s very illegal. They like to eat chickens, you know.

  13. Wow! Clowie me was SURE that was a squirrel, but now that yous shoed us the Kestrel, we sees it is a bird! We has lots of great wild life around here too. It is tfun to watch.
    And Happy Anniversary!!!!

    • Thank you, Nellie! We don’t see very many squirrels here, I’ve no idea why because there are lots of acorns for them.

  14. Ah, so it was a bird in the tree! I really couldn’t tell what it was. And I’m glad the kestrel knew better than to try carrying you off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Congratulations on the one year anniversary!

    • Thank you! The year has gone quickly. I think it would be a very ambitious kestrel that tried to carry me off, woof!

  15. Beautiful pictures of some beautiful birds. We don’t have any birds like that around where we walk ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Happy Blogoversary.

  17. Happy Blogoversary. We remember you in the beginning. We really do like your blog. You are such a good doggie. Take care and have a great day.

  18. Happy Blogiversary, Clowie! It’s great to know another dog who enjoys all of nature including birds.

  19. Happy one year anniversary!

  20. Happy Blogiversary! And, of course Happy Wednesday!

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