Spotlight on Rumpydog

I’m really excited to bring you a special guest today! I know you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say. He’s a dog who needs no introduction. I’ve always wanted to say that! But in this case it’s true – most of you already know and love him.

Rumpy: My name is Rumpy!

Clowie: Yeah! Put your paws together and give Rumpy a warm Clowie’s Corner welcome!

Rumpy, Alaskan Malamute


Clowie: Thank you for joining me today, Rumpy. Let’s begin with you telling us about yourself.

Rumpy: I am an Alaskan Malamute. We are dogs bred to survive in extreme cold, and we’re bred to work hard. Many people like us because we are so cute when we are babies, but we can be difficult to handle once we reach adolescent stage.

C: Sadly, that’s when lots of dogs end up in rescue.

Rumpy: Jen says that you cannot judge all Malamutes by me, because we typically do NOT get along with cats, and we don’t typically do as we’re told.

Did someone say "cookie"?

Did someone say “cookie”?

C: That’s interesting, we could say that Malamutes tend to have selective hearing – just like Pyrenean Mountain Dogs! Would you like to tell us about your family?

Rumpy: I have been living with Jen for 7 years now. She found me one day when she was driving down a busy street. I has happy because I was running free and had just finished rolling in something dead. She asked me if I’d get in her car and she’d help me find my way back home, and I did.

C: That was kind of her. Humans don’t like smells like that, especially in the car!

Relaxing in the yard with DeDe

Relaxing in the yard with DeDe

Rumpy: But she never did find my home. No one responded to her ad and no one called the vets or Humane Society looking for me. So I stayed with her. At first I stayed outside by myself. But there were two dogs (Lucky and Sage, who have since gone on to the Bridge) and some cats that lived inside, and I wanted to be in there with them. So Jen said I could, provided I learned to not use the bathroom inside. And I did! Jen says best she can figure the other dogs taught me how because she didn’t do much.

C: I’m surprised no one was looking for you, but I’m glad it ended so happily. Would you tell me why you’re so interested in dinosaurs?

Rumpy: Because everybody loves dinosaurs!!!  Rawr!!!  If you ever spend any time around young children, you find that they are all fascinated with dinosaurs. I like my blog to be a place that makes people feel happy, and most humans remember their childhood as a happy time. So we talk about dinosaurs to make humans smile.

Rumpy with a dinosaur - Rumpy hopes you'll smile

Rumpy with a dinosaur – Rumpy wants you to smile!

C: I like it when humans smile! What is your favourite game?

Rumpy: I am not much for games, though I do like to play with June Buggie sometimes.

C: I think that will surprise a few people!

Rumpy: I claim I don’t like him, but I really do.

C: Your secret is safe, I won’t tell! Do you have a favourite book?

Rumpy: No, I don’t have much time for reading. But maybe I should write one. What do you think about Rumpy  and the Dinosaur?

C: That’s a great title! I think you should write a book.

Thank you for being my guest today, Rumpy.

You can find Rumpy on his blog – Rumpydog

All his other social media links are on his blog, at the side.

See you next Wednesday!

142 thoughts on “Spotlight on Rumpydog

  1. We love Rumpy dog!! Thanks so much for having him over which is quite impressive since he seems to be a rather famous dog, like yourself Clowie. We think it’s cause you two are so cute (wag wag). We love that Rumpy does so much to raise awareness to help end suffering in our fury cousins around the globe. Go Rumpy! Go Clowie! Now, off to chew some bones. Max & Bella

    • Thank you, Max & Bella! I was very pleased that Rumpy cleared some time in his schedule and agreed to answer some questions, he’s more accustomed to asking them. It’s great that he raises awareness on a wide range of issues.

  2. Thank you Clowie it was nice catching up with Rumpy dog we love malamutes at our house as our mom had one (her favorite of all times) keep smiling!! LOve Ferris, Baloo, and Daisy Mae.

  3. Stella the Great Newfenees here, via my scribe, who always takes time out to read me Rumpy’s blog. I love it! I have a favourite dinosaur all lined up for him in hopes that one day, he’ll interview me like you did, Clowie. I had so much fun! ~:o)= And I love hearing about other dogs’ stories, too! Thanks Clowie! Good one, Rumpy!

    • It’s important to know what your favourite dinosaur is! I had lots of fun when you were my guest. We have a similar outlook on a lot of things – I wonder how many generations we’d need to trace our family trees to find a common ancestor?

  4. Thank you for the introduction to Rumpy Dog. It is a fascinating story.

  5. I agree Rumpy, people can be weird. First all want “the cute puppy with the blue eyes who looks like a small polar bear” and later the say “the effort is too much”, “oh this dogs lose too much hairs”… and at the end this wonderful breed ends in a shelter or get dumped … I’m so glad that your Jen found you and gave you a furever home. I love all the nordic dogs and specially you, Mr. “Cookie-Saurus” :o)… and I would buy your Dinosaur book – that’s for sure … Thanks for this wonderful spotlight, Clowie

  6. Oh Clowie! Me just LOVES Rumpy (and the rest of the crew). Me thinks their human is pretty pawsome too! Thanks for interviewing him. Me learned stuff me did not knows!

  7. You are a great interviewer, Clowie! Thank you for the opportunity to meet Rumpy. And I think a lot of people would enjoy a book about him and a dinosaur!

  8. 😀 Wow, Rumpy is awesome! Hehehe! I love dinosaurs too…just like he said, who doesn’t smile when they think of them?! I had a Malamute foster brother for a couple of months, he was really energetic and a bit of a handful, but he was certainly a great pup! 😀 Thanks for featuring him Clowie!! Happy Wednesday!!

  9. Hi Clowie and Rumpy; Nice to see you here, Rumpy! 🙂 Enjoyed the story of how you came to live with Jen. My first-ever dog walking client was an Alaskan Malamute named “Scout”. She was a beautiful girl and you are a handsome dude. Great interview, Clowie!

  10. Great interview, Clowie. I didn’t even know Rumpy was adopted from the side of the road! Yikes. Lucky boy.

    Love and licks,

  11. Great interview. I love Rumpy (and Clowie too)! ♥ ♥ I can’t believe Rumpy is seven already. What a great boy.

  12. Oh, he’s a handsome pup! I’ve always wanted a Husky, but unfortunately, the folks were cat people and me and my wife aren’t allowed a dog in our current domicile. When we buy a house I guess!

  13. Glad you found your forever home.

  14. Very nice article Clowie! I am still a slightly new follower of Rumpy’s so I enjoyed learning some new things about him!

  15. YEA FOR RUMPY!!! APAWS! APAWS!! Rumpy was one of my very firstest visitors and commentors!! And he was one the first I followed!

  16. I loved reading about Rumpy! What an interesting back story – and I love happy endings!

  17. We love Rumpy, but we learned a couple of new things about him! Great interview Clowie xx

  18. Wow! Rumpy I just learned a lot about your breed. Awesome story.

  19. I can’t even imagine why someone wasn’t looking for poor Rumpy, but I’m so glad Jen took him home. I love that crew, and DeDe is a dream. Thank goodness for good souls like Jen. Great photo’s with your interview Clowie! Pawsome 😀

    • It’s a scary thought – Rumpy wandering about on his own in such a dangerous place! I’m glad it turned out so well for him.

  20. What a fun surprise to find Rumpy visiting Clowie!

    I’d like to see the book, Rumpy, Clowie and the Dinosaur 🙂

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