Rabbits! Whose Rabbits?

This happened when we lived in a small village in England. One morning, at dawn, I noticed some rabbits on the front lawn. I barked a warning because they weren’t wild rabbits and I thought that some bipeds in the village were probably worried about them. One of my bipeds came to see what I was telling them. He was very surprised to see such big, fluffy bunnies on the lawn. He opened the front door, but all the rabbits hopped away.

Later that day my bipeds started asking if anyone had lost any rabbits. A number of people said that they were annoyed about rabbits eating their flowers and lettuces. The next morning, I barked to say the bunnies were back again. My bipeds asked a few more people in the village and were told the rabbits belonged to the man living almost opposite, we called him the tall guy. My male biped went to speak to him.

MB (My Biped): Some black and white rabbits are on the loose, I hear they belong to you.

TG (Tall Guy): They’re not my rabbits, I don’t know why people are saying they are!

MB: Oh, I’m sorry! Do you know who they do belong to?

TG: They don’t belong to anyone.

MB: They must have escaped from somewhere, they are not wild rabbits.

TG: They are the offspring of my rabbits.

MB: The offspring of your rabbits? Doesn’t that make them your rabbits?

TG: No, some children let my rabbits out of their hutches. The rabbits wandered off and bred and it’s their offspring wandering about the village.

MB: Which children entered your garden and let your rabbits out?

TG: Village children.

MB: Yes, but which ones?

TG: Well… my children.

MB: Oh, okay. Your children let your rabbits out of your hutches and your rabbits hopped away and had baby rabbits, but those baby rabbits are not yours?”

TG: That’s right, but people keep saying they belong to me and expect me to do something about them.

MB: So if someone wants to give the rabbits a home, you have no objection?

TG: I’ve already said they’re nothing to do with me!

My bipeds talked to some of our other neighbours and they all said things like “unbelievable”, “irresponsible”, and a few other words I mustn’t repeat where they could be seen by underage puppies! Then they all asked around and found there were a few families who would like to give a home to a disowned rabbit. It only remained to work out how to catch the rabbits – they were a lot faster than they looked.

One of our friends had some humane traps and he came and helped set them on our lawn. He then said that there was an easier way to catch rabbits. He said that if you put some pepper on a lettuce leaf and place the lettuce on a rock, you catch the rabbits. My bipeds asked how that works and he said that rabbits can’t resist lettuce, but the pepper makes them sneeze so hard they knock themselves out on the rock! Then you can just pick the bunny up and take it to its new home and wait for it to regain consciousness. My bipeds laughed and said they’d stick to the plan with the traps.

Early the next morning I barked loudly to tell my bipeds that the first stage of our plan had worked – we had caught two rabbits! My bipeds were pleased. Later that day we took the rabbits to their new homes. The same thing happened the next two mornings!

It all ended happily, the rabbits had new homes and some families in the village were very happy to have bunnies to look after. My bipeds were pleased to be able to sleep until the alarm clock woke them. Even the tall guy was happy because he stopped getting complaints about his rabbits, or their offspring, eating vegetable patches!

See you next Wednesday!

128 thoughts on “Rabbits! Whose Rabbits?

  1. ps. yes hopefully bunnies hopping…HA my spelling is really bad.

  2. Funny story. This man certainly is special. I’m glad you caught some of the bunnies. Good job!

  3. What a funny story, Clowie! There’s a rabbit that lives under my run when I’m not there. He scoots out and hides under the walkway sometimes. I love to chase him, especially when he tries to slip into the gardens in the summer!

  4. Chancy and Mumsy

    Shame on that tall man for being so careless with his rabbits and causing the birth of so many others. Bless you all for catching them and finding homes for them so they will be safe now. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yes, I think everyone in the village agreed he was a disgrace! I found watching them very entertaining and I was excited when we caught them.

  5. Nice story Clowie! Definitely tall men doesn’t deserve to enjoy those lovely bunnies!
    Your family and you did the best for them!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked my story! He definitely didn’t deserve to have the bunnies and we were very pleased to find new homes for them.

  6. Great job on helping catch those poor little bunnies, Clowie! :-/ What a funny biped though. I would like to think that (perhaps) he and his children learnt their lessons, but I don’t think so, especially since he didn’t have to help you and your bipeds out!

    I have a neighbor bunny that likes to visit my house too! Apparently our lawn is much better than his own! Hehehe! But at least his male biped is always very apologetic about him constantly getting out of his cage! 😀 Happy Wednesday!

    • I don’t think they could have managed to catch the bunnies without me. The tall guy continued to expect everyone else to solve his problems – sad.
      They do say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence – your neighbour’s bunny must think so!

  7. I’m glad they found new homes. They were the lucky ones. I feel for the rabbits and kids left behind. We have had some wild bunnies appear in the last few years. Not escapies, but real wild ones. While we are allowed to chase squirrels we have strict rules about leaving the bunnies alone.

  8. Yay!
    I loved the conversation, those happens can only happen in Spain.
    The paper, lettuce and rock thing made me laugh, I’ll google it to see if I can find something.
    Doggy loves rabbits (to eat them) he runs after them like crazy and digs, I’ve never let him catch one, I couldn’t see a cute rabbit being killed.
    Would you like to eat some rabbits?

    • I’ve chased wild rabbits, when I’ve had the chance! They don’t like me doing it. I think they’re tasty – like chicken. I almost caught a hare once, I wasn’t very popular that day either – I ignored them when they called me until I lost sight of the hare.

  9. I think “unbelievable” and “irresponsible” are two words I sincerely agree with….I’m glad your biped are willing to be decent!

  10. Oh, Clowie! That’s a wonderful end to your story! Silly man! He knew darn well he was responsible for those fluffy rabbits. Purrs to you!

  11. Mommy sometimes works the Help Desk for the software company she works for. Your story did not suprise her at all. She says there is LOTS of peoples that thinks like that!

    • Yes, I think your mommy’s right. I suppose from their point of view, it’s okay because someone else usually sorts out their chaos.

  12. Wow what a great story, well post I guess since it involved you guys. Clowie, your bipeds really saved the day! They took homeless rabbits thought of a greagt plan and took it into action! Now these rabbits have good homes all thanks to your lovely bipeds! 🙂 Once when I was little my best friend’s backyard was right across from our mall’s parking lot. One day we saw literally dozens of bunnnies which had escaped in the parking lot! Luckily they were all caught, but what a sight that was!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my tale. It was a lot of fun taking the bunnies to their new homes.
      That’s a lot of bunnies to escape together – and a parking area isn’t a very safe place for them!

  13. This was like…Clowie to the rescue!! it never ceases to amaze me how irresponsible some people are. And how responsible YOUR people are.

  14. That’s a great story. I’ve always loved the idea of living in a small English village, but alas, I was born on the wrong side of the pond. 😦

  15. snoopys@snoopysdogblog

    Oh Clowie,

    I’m so glad that story had a happy ending – I was actually laughing at the conversation because I couldn’t believe it was for real!! 🙂

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  16. glad for a happy ending

  17. I’m glad your bipeds were able to help solve this problem. I hope the bunnies love their new homes.

  18. I love happy endings! Mom and I were kind of mad about the tall guy, but we are very glad the bunnies got good homes in the end. Thanks to your bipeds!!

    • Lots of people were a bit annoyed about the tall guy at the time, but the bunnies were better off without him in the end – it turned out well.

  19. So glad to hear everything worked out well for everyone!

  20. Clowie what a great story…Momz was laughing out loud picturing the bunnies eating the pepper and knowing themselves out…And so good of you to help those bunnies find homes…Nice job!

    • Hi Gizmo, I’m glad you enjoyed it! We laughed about the pepper, but decided the traps would probably work better! It was great that everything ended so well.

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