Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

When my bipeds first talked about snow I had no idea what it was. Pippin, the cat who is a couple of years older than me, told me that it’s nasty stuff and it’s best to wait indoors until it goes away again. Mulberry, the other cat, had never seen snow either.

Then one morning when we opened the back door everything was white. Pippin didn’t even come across the room to look, he put his ears back to signal his disapproval and went to sit by the fire. Mulberry took a few steps in the snow and he jumped about a little bit. Then he decided it was cold and he went back to join Pippin.

Then my bipeds went outside with me. It was all very strange, my feet were sinking into it. It was lovely and cold – very refreshing! I bounced all around the garden and my bipeds laughed. I love to hear them laugh, so I bounced some more.

They made some balls out of the snow and threw them. When I went to pick them up, they fell apart in my mouth! I discovered I could eat the snow. So I ran about, scooping up snow to eat as I went, and they laughed even louder. This made me so happy that I rolled over to ask for a tummy rub, but it felt so lovely that I just kept rolling about.

It wasn’t long before my bipeds said that it was time for breakfast and I realised I had quite an appetite. They took off their coats by the back door and rubbed me down with a towel. Then we went in and I had my breakfast. I had a quick nap after my breakfast before we went for a walk.

My favourite mountain

My favourite mountain

Everywhere was white and it was still very exciting. We had quite a long walk and I had a lovely time in the snow. When we arrived home they started to rub me down again and found that the lovely long hair on my legs had lumps of ice stuck in it. I’d turned into a walking snowdog! When they tried to pull the ice off, it pulled my hair.

They put a big towel down and told me to settle down on the towel to thaw out. The thawing ice didn’t worry me at all, but it seemed they didn’t want it everywhere. The cats came to see why I was on the towel and looked absolutely horrified by the ice! But I didn’t mind, I’d had a great time. After half an hour or so a lot of the ice had gone and my bipeds fetched another towel and dried my legs. Sometimes since they’ve used a hair dryer to make the ice melt faster.

The next day when we went for a walk, the snow wasn’t as white as it had been. There were quite a few patches of yellow snow. When we arrived at a rather large tree that I always enjoyed sniffing, my bipeds laughed because they said they could now see what I was sniffing. I don’t know why they don’t try using their noses!

I was disappointed on the following day to find that all the snow had vanished. They told me that it usually only appeared for a day or two at a time and it generally happened once or twice during the winter. I wanted it to snow more often!

We live in the mountains now and one wonderful thing about that is that we can walk up a mountain and get to the snow in good weather in the winter. I love it when we do that!

See you next Wednesday!

116 thoughts on “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

  1. Me and Nellie do not like snow. Where We live in New Zealand would only get snow once in a life time, but We had the misfortune to have it happen to Us. You can see pictures of it here:
    Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

  2. I saw snow for the first time last year, it was fantastic. Like you Clowie, I rolled in it, ate it..It was great. I wonder if we will have more this year in the UK. They have it up North but we lives in the south 🙂 We came over to see you yesterday, wez fought it was Wednesday BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Snow is great fun. I don’t expect Alfie likes it as much as you do. It’s worrying when you don’t know what day of the week it is!

  3. Not surprised at all that you love snow Clowie – just what you were built for with all that fur. Hope you have enough to keep you happy this winter but not enough to keep the cats and humans stuck for too long.

  4. Lucky you to have snow to play with. We don’t have much here but when we do everyone rushes out and goes mad. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Your so lucky you can have snow on demand! I find it makes everything smell better and so I will spend hours sniffing when out in snow!!

  6. Snow always scares me at first. I was in a shelter in Georgia for three years, so I didn’t see much snow. I pull like a stubborn donkey trying not to go out, but once I get out there, I am just like you, Clowie! I run around in circles, and roll in the snow and eat snowballs and have a great time. My fur is tiny, so I have to wear a jacket or else I shiver too much.

    Love and licks,

    • I’m glad you can enjoy it! Your jacket probably protects you from the defrosting my fur needs afterwards, as well as keeping you snug and warm.

  7. I love love love snow!!! Really hope we get some more soon:-)

  8. Oh Clowie what fun! Seeing snow for the first time is amazing isn’t it? Your favorite mountains is BEAUTIFUL – too bad there isn’t some snow there all the time….it sounds like you like it quite a lot even if you get “ice balls” on your furs!!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  9. I would love to see Doggy in the snow, but we don’t get any in here, we would have to go up to the mountains to the ski stations, I have the feeling he would like it. He likes mud and water, almost the same isn’t?
    I would like to see pics of you in the snow, just a like a polar bear.

  10. Hmm yellow snow, you didn’t happen to be any part of that did you Clowie?…..:p. What a lucky dog, to have a nice fresh walk in the mountains when ever you or your bipeds please! Also I think the snowman look would be quite fetching on you! 🙂

  11. How lucky!!! I wish I could have snow and play in the snow like most of my blogging friends but it seems it is impossible because I live in a far far land with only summer, summer, summer and summer.


  12. I love snow! I wish one day I see my place white then I’ ll go outside to play all day long till my fur become full with snowflakes. But I’m afraid that this is only a dream because here in Athens (Greece), it’s difficult to see snow.

  13. You have a beautiful mountain there Clowie! I had no idea you had two kitties at your house.. 🙂 I need to do some reading here. Snow is fun to play in and breakfast after playing or shoveling snow is delicious. Too bad about that yellow snow!

    • Yes, I think that mountain’s lovely. My cats feature in a few of my tales – you’ll find them under ‘Cat Tales’ . There are even a few pictures of them, but like most cats they spend most of their time asleep so they don’t have as many adventures as I do!

  14. It sounds like you’re enjoying the snow… we don’t have any yet, in fact it seems to be getting warmer here… strange… Happy Wednesday!

  15. We love the snow too! How great to have your own mountain that keeps it just for you! 🙂

  16. Awwww yes, snow. Torrey loves it, I tolerate it, mom hates it.

  17. Oh that sounds like you had such fun in the snow. With all your long hair, we bet you didn’t get cold at all. We know about those snow balls in your hair. We used to live in the north. Have a great day.

  18. My boys looove snow we just got 2 feet good for skiiing.:)

  19. We has snow and it will get deeper and deeper until February, then it will start to melt and we will get spring. Me can’t wait…..
    My hairy slobbery sisters (Bob and Cinnamon) are like yous though! They likes winter, must be a dog thing.

    • I don’t think my bipeds would like snow for months on end, but I would enjoy it. My cats think that the only place to be in the winter is by the radiator or the fire.

  20. Brin the Boxer loves the snow. He runs and runs until every bit of fresh snow is covered in paw prints. Such fun x.

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