Beware of Low Flying Turf

When I was still quite a young puppy, my bipeds decided that they needed to replace the fence at the back. The garden had a farmer’s field behind it and the fence was quite old and weak. They seemed to think it was important to have a big, strong fence before I became big and strong. I can’t quite see the connection!

It meant that I didn’t get into the garden as much as usual, while the men were working. I found it very entertaining when I did get outside and see what was going on. The men had made loads of holes all the way along the back – I was stopped each time I started to dig!

Then they made lots of noise digging up a patch of concrete. They took all the concrete away, but they had made a huge and very muddy hole. It would have taken me weeks and weeks to make something that impressive! I wasn’t a bit surprised when they had to fill it back in with new earth, because my bipeds always filled in the holes that I made.

The men put posts in the smaller holes that they’d made in a line and then the new fence went up. My bipeds seemed really pleased about that. We still had a big patch of bare earth in the garden and I was hoping to get to dig in the new, softer earth. They had other plans though.

A big pile of grass arrived. It was rolled up with its dirt like lots of mini-carpets. The men spent ages unrolling each one and arranging them on the bare earth. They joined it all up with the existing lawn. Then they took their time flattening it all down with a roller.

When everything was finished, I went outside with my bipeds and we had a look around at all the work that had been done. The new turf had some interesting smells, but I couldn’t investigate properly as I was kept on my lead. They seemed to think that I needed to be on my lead for a few days and we only played on the old grass.

Then I was taken outside without a lead on. We played on the old grass and I made no attempt to go on the new turf – until my biped went to the shed for something! I took the opportunity to go and sniff the new grass. I got hold of a corner of one of the pieces and I lifted it. I decided to check the quality by giving it a good shake – it came apart! I pulled up another and the same thing happened. I decided to try a different game. I discovered that if I gave a sharp flick and let go, I could send the turf flying. This was such fun!

A frisbee

It flew better than a frisbee!

I wasn’t allowed to play for long and the next time I went outside, on my lead, the new grass was all flat again. I was kept on my lead and not allowed a moment to myself for weeks. They said something about me being capable of causing chaos in just an instant – they must have been really impressed!

Then one evening I heard the male biped say that he thought the new turf was all bedded in now – whatever that means! The next day I wasn’t on my lead in the garden, but I didn’t get a moment alone. For a few days they watched me very carefully and all I did was have a little sniff at the edge of the new grass.

Then one day I saw that my bipeds were busy doing something, so I decided to have a better look at the new grass. I discovered that most of the edges had disappeared, but I found a corner and tugged. It was much harder to pull it up than it had been, but I was bigger and stronger and quite determined. I flicked it and let go and it flew quite a distance. I did this with a few more and then one flew so well that it hit the fence with a thud. And that was the end of my game! My bipeds took me indoors. They seemed really serious, but later, as I drifted off to sleep, I heard them having a really good laugh about flying turf.

No animals were harmed in the making of this tale, but I’d prefer not to comment on the turf!

See you next Wednesday!

118 thoughts on “Beware of Low Flying Turf

  1. Brilliant Cowie! Such a determined girl and what a sight that flying turf must have made. At least the bipeds could laugh 🙂

    • When I was a puppy, they often said something about having to laugh or they’d cry! I’m not quite sure what they meant by that, but I think it must have been a compliment.

  2. Good for you, keeping at it with utter determination. Bipeds don’t understand the glory of flying turf.

  3. Oh Clowie that is so funny! But isn’t turf grass? Delicious green spaghetti?! You’ve been throwing our dinner around!!! 🙂

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  4. Oh Clowie, so funny, still laughing..I can just see, turf fling through the air..BOL. That should of been Mondays Mischief, would of won an award..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Hi Clowie its Badger Boo

    How I laughed when I read this, I wish I was as big as you, when we had new turf laid I could only drag it along the ground, but I had fun all the same BOL

    Badger Boo xxx

  6. Gosh! To think of the fun I missed. We had new turf laid just a month ago and I was allowed out on it immediately.

    • You did miss lots of fun! I don’t expect Raffles would need too much encouragement to do something similar. You could sit back and have fun watching and be praised for behaving yourself while he is so naughty!

  7. Kudos, Clowie!!! You were very determined to subdue that old turf!!

  8. Hi Clowie,
    That sounds pawsome and loads of fun! I wish I was there so that we could of passed and tossed all the turf around the garden! Wagging Wordless Wednesday!

  9. Ha ha Nice One Clowie! We like the determination and sheer cunning you showed in rearranging the turf. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Wow your parents never tier of finding new ways to entertain you – mine have never bought me turf to play with *sad eyes*

  11. Clowie, you don’t even need toys. You can make your own fun! Throwing turf around is better than a million Frisbees, especially when it gets the bipeds all riled up. Brilliant.

    Love and licks,

  12. WOW Clowie… invented a new game – “TURF TOSSING” – but it sounds like your bipeds didn’t appreciate your effort!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  13. Clowie, I love the sound of your game! You are so creative 🙂

  14. hahaha you are the king of the turf… thanks for make me laughing ;o)

  15. You must have had a hoot with that turf, well…..until the peeps stepped in! That sounds better than frisbee!

  16. Thanks for the morning laughs, Clowie! I have a feeling my Mr. K would do something similar if given the chance. I’m glad your bipeds were able to find some humor in the situation, too. Keep them smiling! Much love, the Scottie Mom.

  17. Clowie the vision in my mind! Clowie just wanted to have fun.. 🙂

  18. Tee Hee

    Glad to see your patience paid off buddy!!

    Great job,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  19. LOL! Thanks for the smiles today Clowie!

  20. Clowie, you gave me a good for the day, thanks for that and Happy Wednesday!

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