My First Guy Fawkes Night

The first I heard about fireworks was when a piece of paper was put through our letterbox one evening. I sniffed it and it seemed as boring as most of the things that came through the letterbox. But when one of the bipeds picked it up and read it, he said it was about the village firework display. I had no idea what fireworks were. But I knew that my bipeds considered my socialisation very important and they took every opportunity to introduce me to new experiences, so I was confident I was going to have an interesting time.

A few days later, a man called, saying he wanted to know if we would be attending the firework display. To my surprise, my bipeds said that we would not be going! For a moment I thought I must have misheard what was said. But the conversation continued and I heard my bipeds explain that it was my first Guy Fawkes night. The man said he understood and he left. But I didn’t understand, I thought their plan was for me to experience everything, but it looked as though I wasn’t going to see the fireworks – most confusing!

The day after Halloween, when we went for a walk, we met one of the village children pushing a pushchair. He wanted a ‘penny for the Guy’. My biped told him he was out of luck, as she only had dog treats in her pocket. I took the opportunity to stick my nose in the pushchair and introduce myself to Guy. It turned out not to be a person at all, but clothes tied up with string to look vaguely like a person. Then I heard the boy ask if he could give me a treat, so I lost all interest in Guy. During the next week all the village children seemed to be obsessed with wheeling bundles of old clothes about!

Then it was Saturday and I heard my bipeds say that it was the day of the village firework display. I wondered if they’d change their minds and take me to see it after all. I had a lovely, long walk in the afternoon, which included the playing field where the firework display was going to be held. There was a huge pile of sticks and old furniture, with another of those mock bipeds stuck on the top. It didn’t look very impressive to me!

The bipeds settled down for the evening almost as soon as it was dark. I thought that was a good plan, as I was quite tired after my long walk and in need of a nap. They decided to watch very noisy films! Pippin and Mulberry, the cats, were asleep on the sofa and I was snoozing on the floor, when I thought that perhaps some of the noise was coming from outside. I looked around and my bipeds didn’t seem to have noticed. I could tell that Mulberry had because his ears were laid back. Pippin had heard it too, but he just stretched out and yawned. I settled back down and so did Mulberry.

The noises became louder and I got up. I wanted to go outside to investigate. My bipeds asked me to settle down, which I reluctantly did. Then they told me I was being good and asked me if I’d like to play. We had a lovely little game and I had some tasty treats. Then I watched while they rolled a small ball about for Mulberry to chase. Mulberry soon became tired and went to sleep near Pippin and then they played another game with me. The noises became even louder, but my bipeds said it was nothing to worry about. I took them at their word and had a nice nap. When I woke up again, all the noises had stopped outside. They told me how good I’d been and I was given another treat.

The next day when we walked across the playing field, I discovered that someone had burnt all the sticks that had been piled up there. That’s a terrible waste of good sticks! The village dogs could have had weeks and weeks of fun with those.

Here’s a link to advice from the RSPCA about keeping safe when there are fireworks about – Bang! Fireworks frighten animals. Β Remember it’s increasingly popular for bipeds to have fireworks when they celebrate New Year and other special occasions.

See you next Wednesday!

92 thoughts on “My First Guy Fawkes Night

  1. They burnt the sticks? We live in the sticks…we didn’t see any burning…except from our lovely log fire..we like it when things burn in there. We don’t know about fireworks because of us living in the sticks, but you all sound very brave.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  2. You are very brave Clowie and very good to trust your family so much. I am glad that the fireworks were not too scary. Very sorry to hear that all those wonderful sticks were just burnt up though…gosh I do love sticks a lot πŸ™‚

  3. I wouldn’t expect less for a big girl like you, you should be out there helping with the fireworks.
    Doggy doesn’t mind them, I wonder how would you get along with Doggy, he doesn’t like white dogs but you would show him where his place is.

  4. I think your humans made the right decision Clowie. πŸ™‚

  5. You’re such a good dog, Clowie. Rather, your bipeds are very good people. Our babies are terrified of loud noises, but they tend just to hide till things are over.

  6. Aw, Guy Fawkes…my Domeek tells me tails of her childhood fun with that night! But alas, since we live in the US now, I don’t get to experience it! 😦 Those poor sticks!! I don’t understand why they would burn them, it’s much more fun when you throw or chase or chew them! Urg! Good job for being so well behaved with the fireworks though Clowie! πŸ™‚ I went to bed early on the fourth of July, so I didn’t get to see or hear much! Maybe next year!

    • Yes, you understand how much fun you can have with a stick! Bipeds can be very strange. I hope you got extra treats for being so good when it was noisy!

  7. You have great bipeds. I love your stories. I feel like I am right there with you. I sure don’t understand why humans burn sticks, my ma burns them in that fire place thingy and we watch them burn. it is so sad but ma always saves me one good stick to play with.
    Hope you had a great day!

    • Thank you! I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoy my tales. I’m glad that a stick is saved for you. I usually manage to get one or two, or more, from the woodpile!

  8. This is one biped who has a hard time with the noise of fireworks. I don’t like loud noises, so it’s hard for me to really enjoy the displays. I’m glad your bipeds are better able to deal with them and help you learn not to mind them.

  9. That was very well done, Clowie. Your bipeds are smart.

    Lulu doesn’t seem to mind fireworks, but I’m not sure if maybe she hasn’t gotten close enough to be concerned.

    Christie from

  10. Jeez Louise, Clowie you did so good. Our Big Boy Buddy would try and be under the table in a thunder storm, but he would barely fit, we’d have to snuggle him a whole bunch. Don’t know who this Guy fella is, but sounds like a noisey kind of neighbor who needs a wardrobe rescue.

    • You’re right about Guy needing a makeover! He’s usually a mess, but sometimes you see a really good one. It’s really creepy when Guy burns on the bonfire, if he looks realistic.

  11. Loud noises like that don’t bother me either, Clowie. I guess we’re just lucky…Mom told me our Maggie was really, really scared of loud noises.

  12. I’m glad you were safe indoors Clowie. All but one of my dogs hated fireworks. My Maya, being a Lab and bred to be disinterested in loud noises, perked her ears when our neighbors started shooting fireworks on the 4th of July. But she lost interest rather quickly and settled down to sleep.

  13. Nice job to you and your bipeds Clowie! Sherman has just recently become afraid of the loud noised of fireworks so we are extra caeful!

  14. You were so fortunate Clowie…so many dogs, and even cats, just cannot manage all the peep fireworks…why do they need them anyways????

    • Hi Savannah! I am puzzled as to why they need so many of them. Lots of small, and not so small, bipeds get hurt by fireworks – you’d think that would make bipeds think that they’re not such a good idea!

  15. How sad about the loss of sticks! Your bipeds were nice to protect you.
    Bella and DiDi

  16. Clowie, you have some mighty good and smart peoples. Those Fireworks were probably very loud. Glad you keep the kitties company during storms. Hope you all have a great week end.

  17. Your bipeds handled that situation beautifully Clowie! To keep you all calm and sleepy and relaxed with all those noisy, scary fireworks going off outside must have been quite a feat to pull off! Then again…a panicking Pyreeeeeee in the house could have been catastrophic I should imagine! I’m glad little Mulberry was ok too…flattened ears are never a good sign and a freaking out Mulberry could have been a very dangerous situation for your nose with all those claws flashing around in a panic! Well done to your bipeds and well done to you too…what a well-behaved Pyreeeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ™‚ Fancy a chicken now?!!

  18. Fireworks are so confusing. All that noise all together at once. You were very brave Clowie.

  19. Clowie, you and your parents did great during the fireworks. No matter how loud the TV we can still hear them. Mom tells us everythink is OK and we trust her, but having her near to cuddle is still needed. Amazingly they do not bother our cat at all.

  20. Good Clowie! My dog gets so worried when there are fireworks – he sits behind me in the toilet, even! (lucky he’s a dog)

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