My First Guy Fawkes Night

The first I heard about fireworks was when a piece of paper was put through our letterbox one evening. I sniffed it and it seemed as boring as most of the things that came through the letterbox. But when one of the bipeds picked it up and read it, he said it was about the village firework display. I had no idea what fireworks were. But I knew that my bipeds considered my socialisation very important and they took every opportunity to introduce me to new experiences, so I was confident I was going to have an interesting time.

A few days later, a man called, saying he wanted to know if we would be attending the firework display. To my surprise, my bipeds said that we would not be going! For a moment I thought I must have misheard what was said. But the conversation continued and I heard my bipeds explain that it was my first Guy Fawkes night. The man said he understood and he left. But I didn’t understand, I thought their plan was for me to experience everything, but it looked as though I wasn’t going to see the fireworks โ€“ most confusing!

The day after Halloween, when we went for a walk, we met one of the village children pushing a pushchair. He wanted a ‘penny for the Guy’. My biped told him he was out of luck, as she only had dog treats in her pocket. I took the opportunity to stick my nose in the pushchair and introduce myself to Guy. It turned out not to be a person at all, but clothes tied up with string to look vaguely like a person. Then I heard the boy ask if he could give me a treat, so I lost all interest in Guy. During the next week all the village children seemed to be obsessed with wheeling bundles of old clothes about!

Then it was Saturday and I heard my bipeds say that it was the day of the village firework display. I wondered if they’d change their minds and take me to see it after all. I had a lovely, long walk in the afternoon, which included the playing field where the firework display was going to be held. There was a huge pile of sticks and old furniture, with another of those mock bipeds stuck on the top. It didn’t look very impressive to me!

The bipeds settled down for the evening almost as soon as it was dark. I thought that was a good plan, as I was quite tired after my long walk and in need of a nap. They decided to watch very noisy films! Pippin and Mulberry, the cats, were asleep on the sofa and I was snoozing on the floor, when I thought that perhaps some of the noise was coming from outside. I looked around and my bipeds didn’t seem to have noticed. I could tell that Mulberry had because his ears were laid back. Pippin had heard it too, but he just stretched out and yawned. I settled back down and so did Mulberry.

The noises became louder and I got up. I wanted to go outside to investigate. My bipeds asked me to settle down, which I reluctantly did. Then they told me I was being good and asked me if I’d like to play. We had a lovely little game and I had some tasty treats. Then I watched while they rolled a small ball about for Mulberry to chase. Mulberry soon became tired and went to sleep near Pippin and then they played another game with me. The noises became even louder, but my bipeds said it was nothing to worry about. I took them at their word and had a nice nap. When I woke up again, all the noises had stopped outside. They told me how good I’d been and I was given another treat.

The next day when we walked across the playing field, I discovered that someone had burnt all the sticks that had been piled up there. That’s a terrible waste of good sticks! The village dogs could have had weeks and weeks of fun with those.

Here’s a link to advice from the RSPCA about keeping safe when there are fireworks about โ€“ Bang! Fireworks frighten animals. ย Remember it’s increasingly popular for bipeds to have fireworks when they celebrate New Year and other special occasions.

See you next Wednesday!

92 thoughts on “My First Guy Fawkes Night

  1. Zac shouted back at fireworks but settled down when asked and I just stayed close to him. I’m not sure how I’ll feel when the next fireworks happen, probably around Christmas or New Years but I think your bipeds did a good job of showing you that there was nothing to worry about.

  2. Excellent Clowie! We did that with our kitty when we first got her, she has passed on now though. She wasn’t afraid of fireworks but thunder was a whole other matter. Made me a wreck to see her a wreck!

  3. Your bipeds did well by you Clowie but it was an awful waste of sticks! How lovely that the cats come to you for protection during storms ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yes, it really was a terrible waste of sticks! My cats know I’ll look after them, but they probably won’t be very pleased with me for letting other cats know about it.

  4. Well done Clowie you were very brave.I spent the last 4 nights behind the sofa as I really don’t like the boom booms. Hope they are over for now. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Your bipeds did the exact right thing, Clowie! But it does seem to be a waste of good pile of sticks!! I’m afraid my Staff doesn’t help very much when the bangs start! She tries to talk to me and cuddle me, but I just hide in the furthest corner UTB. She knows nothing!!

    • Yes, I think it was a real shame to waste those sticks like that. It’s very difficult to train bipeds, we just have to keep trying and they gradually improve.

      • “I know what you means Clowie! I thought I was the only one who was having trouble training my person lately. Wells all we can do is keep …..trying I guess. These fireworks sound like quite the ordeal, I wonder when I will gets some?”

        • You’re far from alone! Most of us find training our bipeds quite difficult. It requires lots of patience and persistence, but they do gradually improve.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear fireworks at New Year – try to sleep through them, that’s my plan!

  6. Clowie you were a very good girl through all the Guy Fawkes noise and hoopla! Seems like your bipeds really did a good job of getting you through the first experience with love, cuddles and fun. I hate fireworks just like I hate thunder (and the closet monster on cleaning day) but my bipeds have always tried to limit the “scary” moments if they possibly can and I appreciate that a lot. Love is a wonderful thing!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • You’re right, Sammy! I know that my bipeds have always kept me safe and so I trust them when they tell me not to worry. The cats trust them too.

  7. That’s just great when your pawrents are on your side for fireworks and other annoying things. I don’t like fireworks and you are right: what a waste of good sticks.

  8. Hey Clowie, Jet here.

    Your bipeds handled the situation so kindly and thoughtfully. Glad you did not experience anything negative.

    When we have those thingies here (at least 2 weeks/year – New Years and 4th of July) I FREAK out, no matter what Mom tries. Then it takes months for me to trust going out for my last potty before bed.

    • Thank you, Jet! It’s a shame that you’re so worried by fireworks. The first experience of these sorts of things is so important. It’s much harder to undo a bad experience than to avoid it in the beginning.

  9. So proud of you Clowie and well done to your bipeds for handling the situation so brilliantly. You are one lucky dog.
    Guy Fawkes used to be a big thing here, when I was growing up but, thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be celebrated anymore (I couldn’t be happier for all the animals).

    • Thank you! I think I am lucky with my bipeds, but I’m still working on improving them.
      The fireworks seem to spread out over a period of two weeks or so now in some places – which is a real problem for people with nervous pets. There are also more fireworks for other celebrations than there used to be – and that’s not always predictable.

  10. Clowie, you were so good. I get scared to death, I hate bangs. Humom tells me it’s OK and to come and have a cuddle. She gets all my toys out. Nope, I don’t want to play. I run up to my snuggly bed and hide..Perhaps next year, I wills be older, so I mights be better ๐Ÿ™‚ xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. We don’t have any Guy Fawkes here but we still have a lot of fireworks and I never like them at all. They are way too noisy for my delicate ears so I will tell them off and insist that they should keep quiet.

    I think your bipeds are much cleverer than my bipeds and they really know how to handle cases like fireworks. I hope they will learn from your bipeds as I really don’t mind having some tasty treats though.


  12. Wow, Clowie you did so well! Boomer doesn’t mind the fireworks around here and sleeps through most of it but Dottie sure gets scared and goes and hides under the bed. I think she needs some lessons in calm from you!

    • Oh, poor Dottie! I think ‘under the bed’ gets very crowded when there are fireworks or thunderstorms – at least she feels safer there.

  13. You are very brave Clowie. I ignored the bangs too, think its because my daddy snores so loudly that I’m used to loud noise bol

  14. snoopys@snoopysdogblog

    Yay Clowie – You have a great family, so happy your first fireworks night was safe and sound ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. clowie you have some incredibly smart bipeds. They distracted you during the fireworks and also kept you out of harms way. Kudos to them!

  16. You are cool as a cucumber, Clowie. I have heard fireworks, but never went to see them in person. I am not afraid of them at all. As long as Mom doesn’t seem to be in danger, I am also cool as a cucumber.

    Love and licks,

  17. way to go clowie, your a very cool dog. The bipeds love the bright lights and bangs, I do not know why because you can’t play with them or eat them. I usually just snooze when fireworks happens and my biped tells me I am a good girl too!

  18. You are so brave! How wonderful that you protected the kitties!

  19. The first time Baloo heard fireworks he got into bed with me which is diffcult since he weighs 190lbs. He slept on the pillows and whined all night. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. Stan and Tommy are not afraid of fireworks – in fact Stan is a very unsual dog as he likes them and settles down by a window to watch the display. I feel so sorry for pets who are scared.

    • It’s surprising that Stan is so relaxed about them, but a big help with how Tommy reacts to them. It’s a real worry for people with nervous pets and for those with animals, like horses, outdoors.

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