If you have read “Communication Breakdown” you will know that I discovered that the best way to encourage my biped to prepare my meal quickly was to sit very nicely and watch her intently. She didn’t understand that I was encouraging her when I jumped up her and tapped her enthusiastically – she just stopped preparing my food and I had to find another way to encourage her.

Soon after I’d mastered sitting quietly, and oh so patiently, we started working on a new trick together. She would put a treat on the floor and I had to wait a moment. I was persuaded to do this because I would often get a second treat for waiting. But I did notice that the length of time I had to wait before being told I could take it increased!

Then we worked on a new version of this trick. I was asked to lie down and the treat was placed on my outstretched paw. This was almost unbearable at first and I could only wait a moment. But gradually it became a little easier for me.

Well, the biped decided that I should now wait when my meals were put down for me! I took a little more persuading on this because I was usually hungry and looking forward to my meal. But after a while I came round to her way of thinking, mostly because she retained the nice topping until I’d waited!

This particular day, she prepared my meal and put it in my dish – I waited. She had the tasty topping ready to pop in the dish, when the telephone rang. She quickly put the topping into my bowl and left the kitchen, closing the door behind her. She said something as she left the room, but I was supposed to give her my paw to be told I could eat. So I waited and I waited. I looked at the bowl and wondered how I could possibly resist that food. She couldn’t possibly be much longer on the telephone!

I heard her put the telephone down and I was pleased because I thought she’d come back and tell me I could have my lunch, but I heard her go in the other direction! I listened and sat quietly. She must come back soon! I began to think I was going to float away on a pool of drool – and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs don’t usually drool!

After what seemed like an eternity, she returned. She looked puzzled and then came and gave me a really big hug and told me how good I was. She opened the fridge and found something even nicer to add to the topping on my lunch and I gave her my paw and she told me I could eat.

I was so pleased to get my lunch! I had been thinking about it for so long that I was even hungrier than usual. But it tasted wonderful that day. One thing was for sure, I knew I’d now mastered the art of good table manners!

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. Greetings oh Spanish cousin. Mummy was telling Me and Neillie about your good table manners and she said the We could “Take a leaf out of your book”, whatever that means. Me and Nellie are very focused upon our morning and evening dinners. Sometime, mummy is a little slow in getting Us our food but she makes up for it with tasty treats, like bread. Me and Nellie are very found of bread, however, sometimes she gives those peasky chickens bread. That is not fair. What do peasky chickens do that Me and Nellie cannot. All this talk of food has make Me and Nellie hungry. It must be time for our evening dinner. Love Nellie and Jasper, two very muddy maremmas.

    • I like bread, but I don’t often get any. It seems very unfair to me that the chickens should get anything that you would like. Sometimes our cats are given some meat that I would like and it takes them forever to eat something that could be gone in one quick lick of the bowl!

  2. You really are so very good Clowie. Stan and Tommy sit nice before getting their food and Tommy then eats it VERY fast and tries to steal Stan’s so now he has to sit nice after his food as well – he has to wait until Stan has completely finished before he can go play with him. He was not too keen on this to start with but he has got the idea now. When Stan has finished they both get a biscuit if Tommy has been polite. 🙂

    • I bet Tommy looks really cute waiting for Stan to finish! And it’s a really good plan to allow Stan to eat in peace and avert tension between them.

  3. I am very impressed by your manners Clowie. Zac could never have done that. Me? I always make a point of waiting anyway. I look at the bowl from a distance, circle it, sniff it and then walk away for a while before I eventually sidle up and begin eating.
    When Zac was around this could be a problem because he had finished his meal whilst I was still ‘thinking’ about mine.
    Now however I can take as long as I like.
    I wouldn’t like the Producer to think I actually liked what she was giving me, I have to keep her on her toes!!

    • Thank you, Zena! I was always very enthusiastic about my food as a puppy – I had a lot of growing to do! I think my biped was worried about getting knocked over if I continued like that.
      Now I’m grown up, I sometimes refuse a meal to keep them on their toes!

  4. So impressed with your table manners Clowie. We can only dream of suh control in our house 😉

  5. Oh poor Clowie…You was very good though 🙂 I don’t think my table manners would of been as good! bol xxooxx

  6. Clowie how good are you? There is no way we would have waited and if we couldn’t reach it we would have barked demanding it. Well done. Have a really wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Good girl Clowie!!! Just proves you really paid attention to the previous manners lessons because you followed “THE PROCEDURE” perfectly and I know your Mom was VERY proud of you… am I !! 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. Clowie, you are such a super-smart learner!! I also had to learn about waiting nicely for my bowl to be prepared and sitting nicely till I got permission to eat. But when Mom’s back is turned – all bets are OFF! That’s why Mom told my obedience teacher that I know some things, but I don’t know ANYTHING 100%. You’re 100%, Clowie!

    Love and licks,

    • Thank you! But I must be honest and tell you that my biped says that although I’m very well behaved I do have selective hearing sometimes. She is, of course, slightly confused – the truth is that she asks me to do something when I’m already doing something more important, such as checking a potential threat. My protective duties always come first!

  9. Good dog Clowie! You are a wise girl. I just love your smile on your avatar.

  10. Wow Clowie you’re such a smart pup! That was some really strong will-power you had to wait so long for your lunch. We’re very impressed with your doggy-smarts! 😀

  11. Clowie, you are a superstar! But you’ll have to keep working with your biped. She has to learn that the telephone can’t get in the way of what she needs to do. I know if you keep working with her, she’ll get it some day. 🙂

    • Thank you! You’re right, I keep working on training them. She’s never done anything like that since – I think she felt guilty! But there’s always room for improvement.

  12. I’d say you mastered some table manners! I know that if that happened in my house Boomer and Dottie both would have just helped themselves to the food.

  13. What a great puppy you are waiting like that!! My Delilah would never have waited. Sampson might have, but she wouldn’t. Then she would have eaten his food too! Great job!!

  14. I don’t think any furry member of my family would have waited at any time…

  15. What s good dog you are. I thought you were going to say you grabbed it off the counter.

  16. Meowsie Wowsie Clowie! What a well mannered lady dog you are! But I agree with others, your female biped needs a teeny bit more training. I am sure you make sure every member of your family, biped and quad, are safe all the time…that is your job…but you need that meal to keep up your strength. Bet that extra topping was totally yummy! Paw pats, Savvy

    • Thank you Savannah! As you know, I believe in continuing their training, but she is a lot better than that now. I do make the protection of everyone in the family my priority, I think that’s a very important job.

  17. You have way more will power than I do Clowie. Boomdee’s on Weight Watchers and it’s so hard. I miss my treats, especially when I’m watching TV. I need more training I guess.

  18. That is super impressive! Blueberry would never have waited like that. You are a good doggie and should probably get nothing but steaks for the rest of the week after your extreme patience!

  19. Oh wow, Clowie! What a good dog you are. My babies have been known to scarf down anything they can when my back is turned.

  20. you are friends with Eva the Sheltie right? She videoed herself doing the exact “wait” trick with treats that you were mentioning!

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