Creating the Perfect Water Feature

This should have been so simple! Unfortunately, my bipeds’ ideas of a perfect water feature were very different from mine. The bipeds got a very large barrel that had been cut into two halves. They set the two halves in the garden and made sure they were standing level and filled them with water. This was all that was necessary, we now had two large drinking bowls outside – perfection!

But they hadn’t finished. They had a whole load of plants and some pots with holes in. They put the plants in the pots and arranged the pots inside the barrels. They also had some floating plants. It took them ages to do and when they’d finished, this was their idea of perfection!

How do I get to the water?

I’m sure you can all see the big flaw in their thinking – I couldn’t drink from the barrel. I set about putting things right as soon as their attention was elsewhere. It was easy to lift most of the plants out, their pots mostly came out with them. I placed the plants on the ground near the barrel. The bipeds saw what I’d done and came and told me that I mustn’t do that and they put all the plants back again!

Well, as you can imagine, I wasn’t going to give in that easily! I removed the plants at every opportunity and they put them straight back again. I was very determined, but they were very stubborn. I think they prefer to say that I was stubborn and they were determined, but I’m not going to quibble over semantics.

I was beginning to think we were doomed to keep repeating this for a very long time, when I went outside and discovered that things had changed slightly. The plants in one of the barrels were all grouped to one side, close together. I tried to remove the plants, but I couldn’t lift them. I was still quite young, only four months old. I went across to the other barrel and tossed all the plants out and had a drink.

The bipeds picked up all the plants and, instead of putting all the pots back in, they replanted them in one big pot. They put this pot in the barrel and they put some rocks on top of it, between the plants. No wonder the plants in the other barrel wouldn’t move easily!

I tried a few times, during the next week or so, to move the plants from the barrels – I wasn’t very successful. I decided it was time to compromise, after all, they had made it possible for me to drink from the barrels and the plants only added to the flavour! So from then on, I tried my best not to disturb the few plants that were left. This seemed to keep the bipeds happy and meant that I had two Clowie-sized drinking bowls to choose from in the garden and I always say that you can never have too many places to get a cooling drink of water!

See you next Wednesday!

79 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Water Feature

  1. Clowie…how did ya learn all this stuff??? You have your peeps so under your paws!!! I send play bows to you and honor your training methods…paw pats, Savannah

    • I’ve observed bipeds very closely and studied their reactions. I have been persistent and when they don’t respond to one course of action, I try to think of another.

  2. Oh boy I bet that was a messy job cleaning up your water bowl from the muddy plants. You are a patient doggy, having do make it nice so many times. I’m still learning to compromise and I’m already 6 doggy years, so you are a super fast learner…your bipeds should be proud! It did turn out very pretty, you might be a great gardener after all.

  3. An extra drinking bowl cool 🙂

  4. Hey Clowie, Jet here.

    Mom’s giggling a bit. I completely understand your thought process!

  5. Oh Clowie. You’re as bad as my chickens. But they won’t listen AT ALL. I can’t have any potted plants in the backyard because my girls dig them all up. EVERY. TIME. Or the ducks nibble the mums to the ground. *sigh*

    • I allow potted plants now – I’ll even walk round the pots without knocking them over! Whenever I’ve seen chickens, they’ve always been busy scratching and digging. I’ve only seen ducks swimming about in a pond, they look so funny when they put their heads down under the water.

  6. ha good tactics pal … you clearly has the upper paw !

  7. Just found your blog on hey…it’s Jet here’s blog. My sister is a Kuvasz, so we kind of like you Pyrs too. I am a GBGV but love my big sis to death. Nice to meet you! 🙂

  8. LOL What a funny story! I think you’re a very determined doggy, and a very pretty one too! That water feature sure was attractive though, but we understand why you’d prefer it to be a drinking bowl. You have some very smart bipeds! 🙂

  9. Well nofurry can call Clowie a quitter!!! 😉

    Whee think those hoomans are being silly. Aquatic design is obviously your forte, they should listen and take your valued advice! 🙂

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Even the bipeds admit I never give up! It’s sometimes very difficult indeed to get bipeds to listen – they always think they know best! They are improving with training, but it’s slow work.

  10. We have such a bug problem here, you would have to put some Koi in the pots to eat the mosquito larvae. You wouldn’t want to drink that water without them!

    • We’d have needed far larger containers to have Koi in them, but I’ve no objection at all to having larger drinking bowls!

  11. Clowie..get ya butt back and grab an award 🙂 xx00xx

  12. Oooh, good for you, Clowie! Our biped is pretty well trained now. She gets up when nipped on the nose and feeds us, and had nice large windowsills put in for us to sit on and get the breeze. We go sit on her keyboard when we want food. Here’s one you can try – if you can get to the computer, try holding down the Backspace key – really gets a biped’s attention. It’s fun to watch. Just look innocent. 8)

    Happy wags!

    • I’m very good at looking innocent! One of the cats is very helpful with the keyboard. He likes to walk all over it and he types some very strange things that way!

  13. Aren’t all fountains for dogs?

  14. Humans have strange ideas regarding decoration. It’s like when they put curtains on the windows and we can’t see outside. Then they complain we tear them down. Don’t put the curtains then!
    Bravo Clowie for being so determined. Humans do need discipline sometimes!

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