The Puppy Mutiny

I told you some weeks ago about my very first puppy class and how very well-behaved I was. A few weeks had gone by since then and I was now allowed to walk from the car into the hall on my own paws. I was feeling much more confident and I felt it was time to liven things up a bit.

We all did a little walking on our leads with our bipeds and then the trainer asked us all to go and sit down. She said it was time for us to do our recall – I could hardly wait! The first puppy ran down the hall to his biped, as normal. It was my turn. We went to the trainer. My biped unclipped my lead and the trainer held my collar. My biped jogged to the other end of the hall, got down on her knees and called, “Clowie, come!”

The trainer released my collar and I set off towards my biped. I ran about a quarter of the way and made a sharp turn. I headed towards Bess, a Labrador, who was always keen to play. Bess was really excited, but her biped held tightly onto the lead and all Bess could do was roll around on the floor. This wasn’t quite what I’d hoped, but we played as best we could. My biped arrived near me and the trainer told her not to grab me, but to try to entice me away with treats. There wasn’t much chance of that happening, as I was having a wonderful time!

Suddenly someone was bouncing on my back – it was Benjy, the Dalmatian! He was trailing his lead, he’d managed to get away from his biped. There was nothing Benjy liked better than to run as fast as he could, so we set off on a circuit of the hall together. The trainer shouted to our bipeds, “Just catch them!” Benjy and I did not make it easy for them, but they caught us after a few laps of the hall. We returned to our seats and the trainer said it was Bess’s turn to do a recall.

Bess’s biped went to the other end of the hall and, as soon as the trainer released Bess, she ran over to me to continue our game. I did my best to get free of my biped, but I couldn’t no matter how hard I bounced and pulled. Benjy appeared, he’d managed to slip his head out of his collar. He and Bess set off on a circuit of the hall, their bipeds in pursuit. This was so much fun! All the puppies were trying to get free now, so that they could join in.

Once Bess and Benjy were caught, it was the turn of Tim, the Yorkie, to do his recall. He ran around and barked at everyone, until his biped caught him. When it came to Benjy’s turn to do a recall, he was so excited he was jumping up the trainer while she was trying to hold him. He went and bounced on Bess then ran across and bounced on me, before he set off on another circuit of the hall. He was having a wonderful time! None of the remaining puppies did a conventional recall, but they were all caught quite quickly.

The rest of the evening was much livelier than usual and all the puppies enjoyed themselves immensely! The trainer told our bipeds that they must do a lot of training in the week and she expected us all to be much better next week. She also said that they should all think hard and provide more interesting treats for us puppies. I was still excited when we got in the car to go home, but I soon found myself drifting off to sleep and dreaming about the wonderful treats my biped would soon be giving me.

See you next Wednesday!

64 thoughts on “The Puppy Mutiny

  1. BOL that is ringing a lot of bells typist had a similar problem when training her dog (not me as I am perfect) he did laps of the hall, greeting everyone – he particularly loved a Rottweiler (he was a cairn) and would play with her at every opportunity!

    The trainer in this class had a different technique than they ‘just grab em’ and suggested typist made to leave, which would worry the young cairn, and he would come back and follow her out the door.

    This did not happen and typist spend twenty minutes stood outside as he did laps of honour not giving one hoot!

    Things improved later during the training course when toys to retreive were added, this means he now had something to carry and show all the other dogs while doing his laps, and typist spend more time stood outside!!

    • That sounds brilliant! That’s my sort of class. You’d think the trainer would have figured out that her way of solving the problem wasn’t working. But my biped says that she’s met too a number of trainers that only have one method to try and say stuff like, “it will work”.

  2. Clowie that’s a wonderful, funny story – I hope you keep tellin’ it like it REALLY is…too bad the trainer got exasperated – NOT! She should have had a good laugh and put her thinking cap on 🙂

    • Thank you! I agree she should have seen the funny side. She only had one way of doing things and it was our fault if that didn’t work!

  3. Oh Clowie, you playful puppy! A better treat sounds like a great idea. I wish you lived closer so Flash and Patches could share their treats with you. You’d never want to do anything but what your biped told you to get those treats!

  4. What a wonderful fun time you had! Isn’t it great when you can have such an awesome time and get the bipeds trained up and socialised at the same time?!! You must have been so popular with your K9 peers 🙂 It was very good of you to teach them how to deal with troublesome bipeds too!

  5. Oh my goodness, that sounds like it was such a fun class for you! I prefer to go visit all of my puppy friends when we are doing this weird thing called “stay”…pft, there’s no need for a word like that! I much rather prefer the word “play!” 😀 Keep up the good work and don’t worry about the bipeds, you’re too cute for them to be upset!

    • It was a lot more fun that the classes had been! “Stay” can be very boring, when there are so many other things to do. I’ll keep working on training the bipeds.

  6. joulesandprescott

    Funny funny class! Had to bite my lips not to laugh out loud ( its nearly 2 am here).

  7. OMD what fun, I would love to have been in your puppy class, in fact id love to have gone to puppy class (we dont get them here). My hu’mum thought it was really funny. Look forward to Wednesday.

  8. Woof and a meow xx
    Look in my info page and write me …..
    i am always in for helping xo
    Much love xo

  9. Oh goodness! Sounds cute. 🙂

  10. Awesome! Sounds like so much more fun than my puppy class, we have to wear a long lead when doing the recall! There’s no getting away from that, so I try to make up for it by having a chew on my humans arm when she tries to reward me for coming, moahaha!

    • It was lots of fun that week! It sounds as though they’re not really up for a challenge, if they make you wear a long lead for recall, woof! I think you should take any opportunity you get to liven things up.

  11. […] told you about some of the things that I did to liven up puppy classes, I don’t know why the trainer called it causing chaos! After I stopped going to puppy […]

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