Ferret Out!

It was a Monday morning. I was less than four months old – I know this because I still couldn’t quite reach the cat food. The bowls of cat food were on the work top in the utility room and I could reach the work top, but my paws still tended to slide off.

My bipeds got up very early. I was taken outside very briefly and brought back in again. They had some breakfast and the male biped left in the car. The female biped opened the back door to take me out into the garden again and something fairly small and cream shot past her feet and up the step into the kitchen. I had no idea what it was, but I was very keen to follow it and find out.

Unfortunately my biped had a firm grip on my collar and didn’t let me go after it. She closed the door between the kitchen and the hall, she said she didn’t want Mulberry to come in. She then took me across to the back door and pushed me out and closed it. This was frustrating, but at least I could see in. The ferret, that’s what my biped said it was, had followed her out of the kitchen and was now in the utility room. It climbed up the linen basket and helped itself to whatever was in Pippin’s food dish!

My biped went and locked the cat flap – that meant that Pippin couldn’t get in! Then she left the room and came back with a cat basket and two clean bowls. She placed a bowl of cat food and a bowl of water into the cat basket, put the basket up on the work top and took away the bowl the ferret was eating from. I could see what her plan was, but the ferret was never going to fall for that! She stood back and waited – the ferret hopped into the basket to continue its meal. I had obviously underestimated how hungry it was! My biped closed the basket.

Then she went and unlocked the cat flap. She then came and opened the back door. I still wanted to go and find out more about this mysterious ferret, but she came out. She tried to have a game with me, but I was too excited to concentrate for long.

We went back indoors and I rushed over to have a sniff at the ferret. My biped stopped me from jumping up, she said I might frighten the ferret. Earlier she’d been worried it would bite me, or one of the cats, but now I mustn’t scare it! Bipeds are difficult to understand sometimes. She said, “Let’s take a little stroll and see if we can find someone who knows something about ferrets.”

She put on her shoes and attached a lead to my collar and we set off down the road. On the way she explained to me that she was hoping to catch our friend before he went out. He would probably know something about ferrets and he might know of someone who could look after it properly until we found out where it belonged. We were lucky, he was there! He was very surprised to hear that we had a ferret visiting us.

He asked if the ferret was tame and my biped said that she thought it was, but that she hadn’t handled it. Our friend said that he only knew of one person in the village who kept ferrets, but he would call by soon and he would take the ferret and look after it until we found out where it belonged.

Our friend arrived soon after we got home. He took the ferret out of the basket and checked it over, it seemed to like the attention. It wasn’t injured, which didn’t surprise us because we’d seen the speed it was moving around! It had been very hungry and thirsty though. He asked how we’d caught the ferret and, when my biped explained, he laughed and said that was quick thinking. I was proud that my biped had done so well under my supervision!

This little tale had a happy ending. The ferret was back in her own home within a couple of days. She’d escaped a few days before she visited us and she must have had quite an adventure. She was very pleased to see her own home again and her bipeds were very happy to get her back.

See you next Wednesday!

56 thoughts on “Ferret Out!

  1. Well, your biped was quick thinking. Isn’t it frustrating when they lock you away just as something interesting is happening?
    In our other house Beloved had a small courtyard of her bedroom. One evening when her beloved was travelling overseas, three possums fell from the roof into the courtyard and began running around. Beloved would have left them there to quieten down but it was a female and two males and the two males were fighting each other over the female – typical!
    The Princess and I had a grandstand view from a large window but Beloved wouldn’t let us go out there to help at all.
    In the end with her father’s help they rigged up a ladder and drove the possums back onto the roof where they could run off and continue their ‘game’.
    Life can be exciting but I do wish we weren’t locked away at these times, it isn’t fair.

    • No, you’re right – it isn’t fair! It seemed to happen a lot when I was a puppy.
      I’ve never met a possum, I’d have liked to see them in the courtyard.

      • I have seen lots but have only got close to one. The Princess and I found one that had fallen out of a tree – silly creature!! We wanted to sniff it and it got afraid and hissed at us so we sat down and waited for Beloved to sort it out!
        Usually they go into the trees and mock us from the branches, very cowardly I think.
        I have to confess (with a little blush) that we do chase them if we hear them out and about. I realise that this might not be the gentlemanly thing to do…. but IT”S FUN!!! 🙂

  2. It’s true – they make us miss the best bits of fun to keep us safe or avoid us getting hurt. Do they think we are silly!

  3. Wowie Clowie – what a lot of fun and games and at such a tender age. Although the frustration must have been huge, your biped did very well by you and the cats. A frightened ferret could have given you a nasty bite 😦 How clever she was to catch it so simply 🙂 Lovely story with a happy ending 😀

  4. I think it’s probably best to keep sensitive doggy noses aways from ferret nips. Glad the creature got home OK. Take care x.

  5. Your Mummy was right to keeps yooo away from de ferret, My Moms friend got bitten by one and it clung for dear life, wiff his teef to his finger…Ouch!! That was a happy endin 🙂 I likes it when all ends well…. Have a great day…we got the weally HOTS today…I’ms cookin in meeee furrrrs 🙂
    Big Hugs
    Mollie xxooxx

    • That sounds painful! We were really pleased when it went to its real home.
      It’s hot here as well. I walk early and then stay in a cool place.

  6. Hey Clowie

    Sorry its taken us so long to get around to posting a comment. We have been reading your bloggie and thoroughly enjoy your stories you write so very well. How cool to have a ferret run into your home, ive never seen one. Look forward to next Wednesday 🙂

  7. Sneaky vermin, I would have had real fun chasing that. However my human who ruins all my hunting expeditions if they can , says well done on the quick thinking. A happy end says my human. Huh not for Clowie or me. Have a lovely cool Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. So glad you found the ferret’s home and you, Clowie, got to meet a whole new species – wonderful. I love happy endings.

  9. I think a ferret will scratch your face off. You did a great job of managing things, Clowie. I’m sure your mom couldn’t have done it without you.

    Love and licks,

  10. Wow! What an adventure the ferret AND you had Clowie but I have to admit I was still glad when the ferret finally got back to her own home. Happy endings are fun…..I’ve never met a ferret before but something tells me the ferret would be less thrilled about meeting ME than I would be to meet HIM! 😀 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. Hurray for your mum! Extra noms for her!

  12. Glad it all turned out well. Humans are such meanies to keep us away from all the excitement!

  13. Clowie you have a very quick thinking biped and I am so glad the little ferret got home safely.

    We have a friend who has ferrets as well as Chessie’s and one of the dogs likes to retrieve the ferrets by the tail, he never hurts him and this particular ferret seems to like it 🙂 We have even vacationed with all the dogs and a ferret in a motel once.

  14. Wow!! That was one exciting story! I have never heard of a ferret escaping like that! Thank goodness he was ok.

    My Mom had a neighbor who had a ferret and it went up her pant leg!! It really did!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  15. Chancy and Mumsy

    What a nice story. You and your biped did great keeping the ferret safe and finding help. We are so happy this story had a happy ending. Good job!!! Hugs and nose kisses

  16. Ha, great story! When I read your stories Clowie, I smile extra big cause I imagine you to sound like Dug from the Pixar movie ‘Up’, he was very excited to see a squirrel once. I’m glad to hear your female biped is a quick thinker and your visitor found it’s way home. Happy Endings are the best ever.

  17. Hey Clowie, Jet here.

    Wow, what a tale, we’ve never seen a ferret in the wild… oh… excuse me Clowie… what Mom?

    Oh… Can I share with Clowie? Thanks…

    Mom just told me that when my human sister was in 1st grade, she surprised Mom on a Friday afternoon with a Ferret in the carpool lane. They babysat Puck, the ferret, for the weekend. He enjoyed Rachel’s bathtub, her backpack, her best friend’s house, and her playroom. Other than smelling “ripe”, he was a delightful houseguest!

  18. WOW! a ferret! I think Austin would make short work of that! It is great when there is a happy ending 🙂

  19. Clowie we’re glad there was a happy ending! We’ve never met a ferret before.
    Bella and DiDi

  20. All’s well than ends well! We are glad this story had a happy ending. So many lost pet stories don’t, and we are happy the little ferret was reunited with his family.

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