Gardening Part 2 – Barking up the Right Tree

If you’ve read “Gardening Part 1 – Digging my way to Oz” , you’ll remember that I have green paws! I told you all about the work I was doing on the grass area called a lawn and how my bipeds were so impressed they said it was becoming a rabbit warren.

It wasn’t many days after that, when the bipeds started some work of their own in the garden. They moved some plants – I discovered why it had been a failure when I’d moved them. It seems you have to make the new hole for them and pop them in it, plants are totally helpless! Then my bipeds did some digging and moved earth away – they didn’t let me help with any of this. I was surprised to see that the hole was deeper than any that I had dug, but it was a very boring shape. Then they made some sort of edging which was raised up a little. I heard them say it should keep the bark inside the area. That made no sense at all, I can bark louder than a lot of dogs and I was fairly sure that even if I stood inside this area the dogs at the other end of the street would still be able to hear me.

They brought out some big bags that they said contained bark. I was curious to see what barks looked like as I’d only heard them. I soon discovered they were talking about pieces of the rough skin from trees! Apparently bipeds use it in the garden to stop weeds. They put all this bark into the area they’d been digging. The male biped spread it out so that it was quite flat. Just when I thought he was going to fetch his big spirit level to check it, I heard the female say, “That’ll do, it’s flat enough!” I wasn’t particularly impressed with the results of their work, my efforts were always much more artistic.

Bark chippings

They then started to do some really strange things. I don’t often see my bipeds down on their hands and knees and, I must say, it is usually quite entertaining when they are. They started scratching at the bark with their hands and saying what fun it was. I was glad that they were having a laugh and I was enjoying watching them playing. I settled myself down comfortably to see what they would do next.

They stopped and had a little chat and then they went and fetched some of my toys and some treats. They started playing with my toys, but I was having so much fun just watching them playing that I didn’t join in. Then they started scattering treats around, so I decided that now they really did need my help! When I had cleared up what they had scattered, one of them started burying treats and then digging them back up. I decided to show them that I could get the treats back up much more efficiently than they could. This made them laugh! They kept burying treats to see how fast I could get to them. We had a wonderful time playing in the bark.

I really liked this bark area and worked on making it a little more artistic every day. If I ever started to dig anywhere else in the garden, one of my bipeds would take me across to my special place with one of my outdoor toys and we’d have a game. Sometimes I’d find a few treats had been left there. The bipeds were always so thrilled when I continued my improvements to this area that I didn’t have time to continue with my work on the rabbit warren in the lawn. This bark area became my special place in the garden – so special that I named it Clowie’s Corner.

I was a little bit sorry to leave it behind when we moved to Spain. I am happy to say that I have since discovered a new place special enough to be named Clowie’s Corner, but I’ll tell you about that another week.

See you next Wednesday!

62 thoughts on “Gardening Part 2 – Barking up the Right Tree

  1. Clowie, what a beautiful pooch you are. i am so glad you stopped by bernerTails which gave me the path to come here, M and i love your blog. i had a pyrenees friend who i loved very much, Angel, she was wonderful. woofs, licks, and wags- your new friend jesse

  2. You did get your own spot and named after you too! Now you have a new one? And in Spain? Oh my goodness…you are off on adventures. I can hardly wait to hear all about it! xoxo

  3. Awww Clowie! Lovely post about your bark! I’m so sorry it’s taken till now for me to get here…it’s a long way from Europa and with so much cloud around Earth I haven’t been able to find my back till we got a night of clear skies to guide me in! I hope you will forgive me…you know you’re not forgotten…and I thought I’d caught up with everybody last night…woe is Wolfie! Clowie’s corner sounded awesome. I too wondered what your bark looked like…guess I’ll never know now 😉 But what a cool idea and such smart bipeds 🙂’s 01:13 here and well past Wolfie bedtime so still no comments replied to on my blog – connection permitting that will be tomorrow. In the meantime I think I’ll curl up in Clowie’s Corner and see how many barks I can see before I go to sleep! It was a long tiring journey from Europa and there’s a lot of dangerous solar flares around! I also have Olympic Fever real bad!! Wolfie hugs to you my favourite and lovely Pyreneeeeeeeeeee friend 🙂

    • I thought you were busy chasing that Olympic torch like a young wolf cub, but I knew you’d get here sooner or later. I hope counting barks helped you get a good night’s sleep. I can hear you snoring still, so I’ll tiptoe back out and leave you sleeping.

  4. Clowie, whenever you throw a bbq party at Clowie’s corner let us know so we can enjoy a good rack of ribs lol

  5. Oh Clowie….what an awesome story! Your bipeds are so special to name a corner after you! And now you have a new place and it is in Spain? You lucky dog, you! I should really say that you must be very special to have a corner named after you instead of saying your bipeds are special! Don’t you think?

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    Have a great week!

    • Thank you – I’m glad you liked it! I’ll let you say that my bipeds are special because it makes me proud that I’ve done well in training them.
      I’ll pop by to have a look soon.

  6. What a wonderful idea a garden of bark just for you. My humans don’t like me digging in their flower beds either. (although I admit I dug one hole big enough to bury them in.) But they were not smart enough to just give me a flower bed all my own with treats and space to decorate it myself. Maybe I will be able to convince them that I need one of those too. I hope you are able to make a special place for you in Spain.

    • That sounds like a very impressive hole you dug! If you’d like your own area, I think the only way is to be really persistent about your digging.

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