My First County Show

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a dog of a young age must be in want of socialisation, as Jane Austen wrote in “Pride and Prejudice” – or she would have, if she’d been writing about puppies.

My bipeds certainly believed that there is no such thing as too much socialisation for a puppy. I was pleased because I enjoyed meeting different people and animals of all shapes and sizes. At the time of this tale I was six months old, so I was almost as big as I am now, and I thought I’d seen everything there is to see and that nothing could surprise me. Well, this is one of those rare occasions when I was wrong – it happens to the best of us!

They decided to take me to the County Show for – you’ve guessed it – more socialisation, they said that it would be busy and there would be lots of different animals there. I loved meeting new bipeds and getting lots of attention, so it sounded like a great idea. I also liked meeting different animals, but I was fairly sure that there wouldn’t be any types that I hadn’t seen before.

The day of the show arrived and off we went in the car. We parked on grass and when I got out of the car I was quite excited by all the different smells, but after a good sniff I was determined to show my bipeds just how grown up I was. We started walking around and we saw many animals.

There were lots of other dogs because there were some competitions for gun dogs. I kept my cool and walked nicely. I had a good sniff when we went to a part where cattle were being paraded before a judge, but I had seen cows before! We came across a pen of sheep and that was interesting, but I’d already met sheep. There were rabbits and guinea pigs, I had seen those once or twice before. We went to where there was a competition for horses and ponies, it was good to sniff around – but I’d seen horses many times, so I managed to remain calm.

I could tell my bipeds were pleased with the way I was behaving and I was very proud to be so grown up – but then a new smell hit my nostrils and a kind of madness gripped me. I just had to follow the smell and find out what it was – it was exhilarating! As I had been walking so nicely, my sudden mad dash towards the smell took the biped on the other end of my lead by surprise and I managed to tow him the few yards to the source of the smell at a cracking pace. There were animals I’d never seen before in a pen. Before my biped could stop me, I had my elbows on the top of the fencing around them and was starting to climb over to greet them and get a better sniff of that wonderful aroma.

At that point, things went downhill. I was hauled back off the fencing by my biped, I was taken a few yards away and told to sit. There were lots of strange bipeds around and they were all laughing, but my bipeds had their serious faces on! I made some excited noises to indicate that I wanted to go and investigate these exciting animals, but they wouldn’t relent – I had to wait until I sat quietly.

Eventually we went over to the pen and I had a good sniff through the bars. The aroma was amazing! I really enjoyed walking round that pen. We went away from it and came back a few times and I had another sniff at the pigs, as I now knew they were called.

I have met pigs since that occasion and I have managed to remain calm, even though the aroma of pig is still one of my favourite smells. Since moving to Spain, I have discovered the aroma of wild boar is even more exciting than the aroma of pigs and it is my new favourite smell.

Do you have a favourite smell?

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  1. My bipeds love the smell of pig as well Clowie, in a different form though – lol ! 🙂 Country Shows are great; went to one in Lancashire recently & it was fab!! 🙂

    • Hi, I think I know how you mean – and I really like to help out with that when I can. Yes, shows are fun, you never know quite what to expect!

  2. Sounds like a fab day! My favourite smell is definitely the yummy aroma of the bonio 🙂

  3. Whee love the smell of mint leaves or parsley! It must have been exciting seeing and smelling all of that. Whee can’t believe you saw guinea pigs like us! Were they female? Cute? Details my friend, details!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • It was very exciting! My bipeds like mint and parsley.
      The guinea pigs were cute, but I didn’t see any as cute as you! There was a competition for the cutest guinea pig and some were boys and some were girls. Some had smooth, short coats and some had long coats that form rosettes in the hair. I’m not sure if I should tell you this part – they were all in tiny cages waiting for the judge to look at them!

      • Tiny cages?!!!! Whee can’t imagine how horrible that must be. Even our travel box is quite roomy. Poor piggies. But I suppose you have to suffer to be competable . . . isn’t that how the saying goes?

        Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

        • I think you’re more comfortable at home in your lovely run on the grass. Some of the guinea pigs seemed quite nervous about everyone looking at them, but others seemed used to it.

  4. Unfair question – as a Biped, I don’t quite have the nose you do. You sound like you had a fantastic time. It is so good to hear that your slaves get you out and about so much – well done to them.

    • Yes, I did have a lovely time. I do sometimes worry about how much bipeds miss out on with hardly having a sense of smell at all. Mine seem to enjoy sniffing at flowers and the smell of fresh coffee – not the smells I would choose, but if they enjoy them it’s nice!

  5. I am going to be very shamless but you love me for it…..

    For me it has to be the smell of a newly opened packet of Harringtons dog food, ot my favourite salmon rolls, no wait the Training Treats smell good too!!

    O how will i ever decide!! BOL

  6. My canine housemates also love the smells of “farm animals”, however, as a spoiled little house cat one of my favorite smells is cheese! But is you love the smell of pigs, enjoy away!

    • I do love the smell of pigs, but I must say you have excellent taste – I’m rather partial to a piece of cheese myself!

  7. It’s cos they turn em into Sausages, that’s what you thought you could smell, Bol ! I luuuv’s the smell of Rabbits, cheese, treats , anyfing I can eat really ! 🙂
    Big Hugs
    Mollie xx

  8. Doggy's Style

    Farm animals are my favorite, specially pigs. I miss country fair, I should look for some and take Doggy to see how he reacts, he likes horses but doesn’t like pigs. Back when he was a country dog he has training to herd pigs and lambs.

    • They’re very exciting places to go, I’m sure Doggy would enjoy the day. Maybe he associates pigs with work and likes a leisurely life!

  9. ok now don’t get mad at me…but…you asked for it! You want to know what my fave smell is? My kitty brother’s BUTT! I am NOT kidding! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • You’re right – I did ask! I can understand that. I have come to an agreement with my cats. If I sniff noses with them in the way they think is polite, they stand still and let me sniff the interesting end for a moment!

  10. MOL My Mom says her Sibe, the male, Crusty, almost passed out from excitement over smelling pigs when he visited a hog farm!!! She and he almost ended up in the pig pen!!!

  11. Clowie you shared a wonderful time with us. It’s fun to visit a show through your “nose!” Poppy would enjoy a country show, but in the States most fairs don’t allow pet dogs unless they are in a dog show or working dogs. I guess organizers don’t think we can control our dogs. But you behaved very well; just a little blip and the pigs were new to you, any understandable one.

    • It’s a shame that dogs can’t go to most of the shows, it’s a great experience. We have seen lots of dogs at shows in England and most behave very well. We’ve occasionally seen one being allowed to misbehave and maybe that is what has happened in the States, it’s sad when a few spoil it for the many who would behave.

      • It is sad, because we are encouraged to socialize our dogs to people and various situations, but there are few opportunities to do so unless the dog is in training as a therapy dog. But also, many organizations, shops, etc. are worried about legal problems. We do love to sue each other over here!!! 😀

        • It can be difficult. I think the only shops I’ve been in are shops that sell things for pets. I enjoyed our trip through France because I could go everywhere there. Legal problems are increasing in Europe as well.

  12. I’ve never actually smelled a PIG but I sure do like the occasional chunk of bacon when my Mom cooks it for breakfast – does that count???? Thanks for stopping by my blog for a hug…..and while I had already signed up to follow your adventures here I wasn’t getting notices SO I signed up again – hope not to miss your next blog!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Any smell you like counts! Bacon does smell pretty good when it’s cooking.
      I’ve started checking the list in the reader now, when I follow a blog – it often says ‘never’ for emails and I change it. It seems a bit odd – maybe WordPress want us to use the reader rather than emails.

      • Hmm…..well, I signed up AGAIN to follow – maybe that will make a different….if not I suppose we’ll have to go the READER way!

        Kitty Hugs, Sammy

        • Hi Sammy, I don’t like reading in the reader because it takes so long to scroll down, but I found if I go into the reader and click ‘edit list’ which is quite well hidden, I can alter how often I get emails for each blog.

  13. Oooh Clowie! Pigs? Bacon!! Oh greasy, bacon-fat wolfie paws! What a wonderful place your bipeds took you too! Being socialised sounds like an amazing experience that could lead to all kinds of delicious hunting options 😉 I hope your biped was ok after his speedy trip to eat the bacon, I mean visit the pigs…it would be very boaring lol if he broke a leg in the towing process or worse if the tow rope broke and you ran off on your own to eat “bacon butties!” (sandwiches that is) One other thing I can’t resist, besides chicken 😉 is the heady, heaven sent smell of fresh mature cheese! Better still cheese and bacon, cheese and chicken…pheasent…boar…bison…bags of treats…well you get the picture?!! What an exciting day good of you to train your bipeds to be calm around the pigs!! Have you met goats yet? Well anyway, you’re doing a fangtastic job of socialising your bipeds lol 😉 It’s wonderful that they think they are socialising you don’t you think? You’re so clever Clowie! Have a rasher of pig, I mean bacon 😉 on me!! 🙂

    • It was an amazing place! It would have been even more exciting for everyone if a wolf had been there. My biped was fine – apart from a mild case of embarrassment. I met goats when I was very young, so I knew all about those – there were some that lived not far away from us. I love cheese, there are so many varieties! I have heard my bipeds say that they have learnt so much from me!

      • It would have been wildly, howlingly exciting if there was a wolf loose there! Just htink…all those free samplels to taste…bacon pig ;)…running horse…nibble of gundog…leg of mutton… 😉 Your bipeds would have been so excited to see how good I am at rounding up sheep lol and whilst you distracted them attempting to catch a bacon pig ;)…I could’ve run riot through the show-ground and chased a whole bunch of bipeds!! You could’ve joined me! Shown your bipeds you could run like a Pyrenean Olympian!! I can imagine it now…their thrilled cries of “Go Team Clowie!!!”

        • I think we could have had a wonderful time, but I think the bipeds would have been ‘disappointed’ in us – but it would probably be worth it!

          • All you’d have to do Clowie was to turn that adorable fluffy white Clowie face on them and flutter those lovely big brown eyes at them and they would be putty in your paw again! Finish up with a big loving Pyreneeeee hug and job done! All disappointment will be forgotten and they’ll be all gooy-eyed over you and offering all the treats you can eat!! 🙂

          • Are you sure? Sometimes they seem able to resist my best attempts at being cute!

  14. Hey Clowie, Jet here.

    PIGS? They provide the yummy, delicious bacon my teenage biped relishes, right? Well of course you couldn’t resist… sounds like you got the naughty speech, huh? Bummer.

  15. We love the smell of fresh kibble being scooped into our bowls. 🙂
    Bella and DiDi

  16. My biped doesn’t but me and my friend love the smell of rotten fish! Isn’t it just lovely to roll in!! (Coffee and Coolac, bitzers)

  17. My big sister Jessie is diabetic so she’s on a different food to me and Alf – you wouldn’t believe how interesting this stuff makes her butt smell. My dad says I’m a dirty little sod (whatever that means) but if his human nose wasn’t almost useless I’m sure he would sniff Jessie’s butt too.

    • I think it’s a shame that the bipeds miss out on so many interesting smells. I’m sure he’d be there, sniffing with you, if he had a sense of smell!

  18. Sorry, but pigs are not one of our favorite smells, but, ham is! When she was a little girl, our girl was fascinated by horse poops at the fairs. She still is – she’s studying horses at college.

    • Well, I don’t dislike the smell of ham. Your little girl was very wise – for a biped – there’s a lot you can learn from sniffing horse poop!

  19. Hi Clowie,
    Your post is wonderful! We wish we could smell pigs. Our biped does have a nice big porch with wide windowsills – she had them specially made for us – where we can sit and get lots of smells through the screen. As kitties, we just love the smell of fish that comes in from the water. Fish are yummy! It makes us hungry so we go bother our biped by standing on the keyboard while she’s trying to type. And maybe comb her hair with our teeth. She really notices that.

    We also like bird smells and we have dogs that come by. They smell good too.

    Happy wags to you!

    Miss Pretty and Miss Itsy

    PS Here’s a note from our biped.

    This totally cracked me up. Towing our biped – I can just see this. I’ve walked big dogs before. There you are, going along nicely when some scent or whatever gets picked up and then its flailing arms and legs as you try to remain vertical. Kinda embarrassing, definitely a humbling experience. I have empathy for anyone being towed by a quadruped! Great post!

    • Thank you so much! My cats like to sit on windowsills and they enjoy the balcony as well. They also think they can type, but the biped says the words don’t make any sense.
      I love your description of a biped being towed – that could explain why they struggle to keep up when this happens, but I’ve always been too busy to look back!

      • The bipeds get along as best they can. We’re too busy to look back too. As long as they keep opening cans of yummy stuff, we’re good with them.

        Miss P and Miss I.

  20. We have never been to a County Show so we have not met most of the farm animals. We love all the smells of the little woods animals and deer, but we think our favorite smell is the meats Dad puts on the grill. They not only smell good, but they taste really fantastic!!

    • I have to agree that meat on the grill smells good. I really enjoy it when they decide to grill because I usually get something nice.

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