Gardening Part 1 – Digging my way to Oz

I really enjoy a spot of gardening. I started as a fairly young puppy. I pulled up a few small plants and placed them where they would look better. This wasn’t entirely successful, the bipeds kept stopping me and putting the plants back where they had been. And the plants often died! I thought that perhaps the plants were too small to be moved and, as I grew bigger and stronger, I moved onto larger plants – the bipeds call them shrubs.

These plants called shrubs were much harder to move, but it was a really satisfying feeling when, after a few minutes of tugging and shaking, the roots pulled out of the ground. They also made a lot more impact than the smaller plants when I placed them carefully in the spot I had planned for them.

I also enjoyed digging artistic holes in what they call the flowerbeds. The only problem was that they hardly left me alone for a moment in the garden and they always stopped me from digging and moving plants. They eventually convinced me that they had the flowerbeds the way they like them and that I shouldn’t dig in them or move the plants. This didn’t really leave me much scope for my talents. It’s so hard to be creative, there are always obstacles to overcome. I considered my options and turned my attention to the lawn.

Digging in the lawn

A very small hole in the lawn

I was glad I was now bigger and stronger because the ground was much harder in the lawn than in the flowerbeds. I found that if I scraped away a little grass I could get my paws into the ground and make a hole. One of the bipeds appeared and distracted me with a toy. A little while later when I remembered that I had been busy, I discovered that my work had been undone. It had been filled in and smoothed over. Luckily, it was only the work of a moment to restore it, as the ground was much softer than it had been before. I enlarged it a little and moved on to create another.

Every time the bipeds saw me doing my work, they would distract me. It was really nice that they wanted to play games with me, but progress on my project wasn’t as fast as I would have liked. I was quite pleased with the overall effect, even though a mysterious creature kept filling in my work when I wasn’t looking. I was a little puzzled by the bipeds stopping me so often – I almost began to wonder if they didn’t like the results, but that just couldn’t be!

One evening soon after that, I was comfortably dozing when I heard them mention my name. They were talking about my digging. I heard one of them say I was very determined to do it and that I’d turned the lawn into a rabbit warren – praise indeed! I was thrilled that they liked it so much and I dozed off again, dreaming of how it would look when I’d finished it.

As it happens, I never did complete that project and the lawn returned to its boring state. This was because I moved onto something even more exciting  – but I’ll tell you about that another time.

See you next Wednesday!

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71 thoughts on “Gardening Part 1 – Digging my way to Oz

  1. my dear Clowie, every artist has his challenges! If they insist on stifling your creativity, maybe you can compromise with them–and get your own digging hole in a corner of the garden. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your artistic endeavors then! Hugs to you! xoxo

  2. Hello, Clowie – Mum didn’t want me to see this post, in case I get ideas about digging in OUR garden *sniggers*. But if you ever do make it to Oz, then just keep on digging in a sort of south-easterly direction until you get to New Zealand. We have far superior soil here. I know you’d like it.

    LICKS from Solo 🙂

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