My First Walk

I kept hearing my bipeds talking about when they could take me for my first walk. I didn’t really understand what this was, but they were obviously looking forward to it. They carried me wherever we went. When we went to puppy training classes, one of my bipeds carried me to the car and then from the car into the hall. We went to see the vet a couple of times and I didn’t even get onto the floor there!

I had a vaccination at nine weeks old and a second one at eleven weeks old. I heard the biped that went with me for my second vaccination talking to the vet about when I could start walking. She said that she didn’t know how much longer she was going to be able to carry me as I was growing so fast. It seemed very odd to me because I could walk perfectly well already – when I was allowed to! He laughed and said he could understand it was a bit of a challenge to carry me about. He said that the next few days were very important and each day after that helped a little more. He then said that thirteen weeks was the ideal, but not to worry if she couldn’t quite manage the whole time. He showed her a chart with something called percentages on it – it looked very dull indeed, but she was interested. I heard her explain later that it showed how effective the vaccinations became as the days passed.

We had short sessions walking on the lead in the garden and at puppy training classes. I didn’t like it, I couldn’t really see the point of it and it made it impossible for me to go where I wanted. I demanded lots of treats to cooperate at all. They said that it was to get ready for my walk. I didn’t see how this walk was going to be very exciting, if I was stuck on a stupid lead!

One of the other things I heard them saying about the walk didn’t make much sense to me either. They said that I was getting plenty of socialisation, so they wanted somewhere quiet for my first walk; that sounded boring – I liked getting lots of attention from lots of people, lots of the time.

Anyway, the day of the famous walk arrived. They took me out to the car and put me in it – I liked going in the car. We drove a little way and then the car stopped and they put the lead on me and lifted me out of the car. Then they put me down on my own paws and we started to walk on a large grassy area that was much bigger than our garden – it was called a field. It didn’t seem that different from the grass at home at first, but then my nose told me there was a smorgasbord of smells. Now I knew what all the fuss was about – this was doggy heaven, a different smell at every turn. I stuck my nose to the ground and started to follow where it took me. I could hear the bipeds laughing, but I was only really interested in all the wonderful smells.

After what seemed like moments, they started trying to distract me with treats, but I wasn’t interested in the treats at all – I was having such a wonderful time following all the new smells. I had no idea that a walk could be so much fun. I kept investigating different smells in the field until I suddenly became very tired. They put me back in the car and I fell asleep straightaway. I slept on the way home and they carried me indoors when we arrived. I snoozed for another hour or so, dreaming of all kinds of new smells.

I could see now why they’d been so excited about going for a walk and I also understood what the lead was for – it was so they didn’t get lost while I was concentrating on the wonderful smells! I was really looking forward to my next walk, but I could see I was going to have my work cut out training them to keep up and not to distract me.

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. I am glad that you have had your first walk Clowie and I hope the training goes well. I am also glad that you are my online friend because you are just the sort of handsome dog that Beloved loves and if I met you in person I might be jealous, except that I am a very wise Tibetan who considers jealousy a useless emotion 🙂

    • Thank you. I have improved my bipeds’ behaviour since then, but they still like to think that they’re in charge on a walk! I’m sure my bipeds would make a fuss of you.

  2. Clowie your thoughts on your early experiances always make me smile. This one is so sweet and of course I should have realised that the purpose of the lead is to ensure I don’t get lost when Stan is on his walkies!

    Stan still loves all the smells when we go on walks as I’m sure you still do and as a mere human it is sometimes tempting to try and hurry him along as we forget how exciting you guys find sniffing around. He gets especially excitied if we visit a new place for a walk and there are lots of new things to smell.

    • Thank you. It’s very easy for a biped to get left behind on a walk because new smells can make us dogs forget everything else for a while. I still enjoy the smells on a walk, it’s a shame bipeds miss out on it all.

  3. This is a wonderful lesson in K9 pyschology Clowie! Your bipeds really believe the walk and the lead was all their idea! And you’ve convinced them that treats are a vital delight to bring along, well done 😉 Bipeds never realise that all that weight lifting they have to do till you’re ready for them to exercise their legs is good for them and builds their strength up for long and exciting walks 🙂 You did a great job of bending the vet’s mind to prolong that area of training for them 🙂 It’s great that you’re getting them socialised and fit all at the same time…fresh air is so good for bipeds but try telling them that! Their sense of smell will improve as you move onto “bog-jumping in the smelliest swamps you can find…lovely! You will get so slimey and muddy they will have a wild time washing you off later and the smell training will be enhanced in the confines of the car whilst you sleep all that biped training off 🙂 No need for them to miss out!

    • You seem to understand bipeds very well, training them is challenging. You’re right about the confines of the car helping their sense of smell to focus. I have heard them say, “ah, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of wet dog” on the way home in the car after a particularly wet walk!

      • Wet wolf isn’t a bad aroma either Clowie! I’m sure you’ll get to like it too 🙂 Your bipeds will certainly enjoy I’m sure so I’ll just book in a few more soggy wolfie Pyrenean hugs with you and then maybe I can leap in the back of the car with you and help to train your bipeds in the pleasures of smelling the sweet aroma of wet wolf combined with wet dog whilst enclosed in a nice warm car!!! They’ll be so pleased with you for helping improve their rather poor biped sense of smell!!!

        • I’m sure my bipeds would love the opportunity to smell a wet wolf. I think I might need to have a woof with them about getting a bigger car.

          • Oh my wolfie fleas!!! A Pyreeeeee-Wolf car!! How exciting! I am sure it will huge and they won’t be able to resist when you have a woof with them 😀 I’m chasing my tail at the mere thought of it! It will be so lovely for your bipeds to develop a sense of smell like ours so they can really appreciate the sweet smell of soggy wet wolf and most importantly of course soggy smelly wet dog!! All nicely contained within their great big car! Oh wolf!! 😉

          • They’re a little bit worried about those fleas you keep mentioning!

          • So they should be – they’re all dead!! lol 😉 Drowned! Gone to the flea spray can in the sky! Not one was spared on the “Frontline” of the vet’s flea treatment 😉 I am so squeaky clean and white that I could almost be you!! Well…maybe lol 😉 Would a Wolfie hug for your bipeds help do you think?!! I smell nice now lol ;D

  4. Clowie, I’m enjoying reading about the first walk from your canine perspective. Miss Poppy Seed has only walked from the house down the driveway and back. As much as we bipeds enjoy holding puppies, you do get heavy and walking on your own is an important step (no pun intended 🙂 ) in our lives too. This afternoon I’m flat on my back from a muscle spasm on account of picking Poppy up so much. This middle-aged body is getting a workout!!!

    Wishing I could hug you big fluffy neck,

    • I hope your back feels better soon. Yes, the female biped in particular was extremely pleased when I started walking – it was becoming a bit of a struggle!

  5. Sometimes our Mummy will go for walks up the road holding us but the world seems like a very big, noisy, scary place to us so whee are glad to be in the safety of her arms. Lots of people think that whee are puppies at first but love saying hello and hearing us squeak a reply.

    On the otherhand whee LOVE the garden. There are lots of smells and sounds and because whee are in a covered run and have boxes to hide in, whee feel safe.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  6. What a great experience! We hope all your walks are as much fun. Good times!

    When our mom was still young and living at home, they got a puppy and her mom took it to doggy classes. Her mom was so proud when their puppy came in third upon graduation. When our mom asked how many were in the class, the answer was 3!

    Our mom has tried walking us, but we won’t walk. She says its too embarrassing dragging a cat around on a leash, so she doesn’t do it anymore.

    • I love my walks and I try to make them fun for the bipeds as well! Third out of three isn’t so bad, it’s the taking part that’s important with puppies. I have seen cats walking with their bipeds, but they tend to be more independent by nature!

  7. Hey Clowie, I have a surprise for you! Please check out
    Doggy kisses xx

  8. We’re glad you enjoyed your walk. There are so many scents for you to enjoy. We are getting so excited just thinking about it.

    Bella and DiDi

  9. Lexie says that when she started walking her humans they could never keep up and she had to keep dragging them along. She loved walking and meeting everyone but Mom was just too slow. She is 6 years old and when she is in a hurry to get somewhere Mom still can’t keep up. Thank goodness for off leash woods walks!

    • I had that problem for a while! They were very slow, it took me a while to train them to walk nicely. When they forget, they act as though it’s my fault!

  10. I love checking out all the smells! woo woo woo!

  11. hiya Clowie! First ya have a couple of awards waiting for you over on my Monday blog post..hope you like them. And I am so glad you had a grand time on your walkie! Training peeps, whether you are a cat or dog, is never easy…but worth it in the end ‘cuz ya get better service! MOL

    • Wow! I’m excited now – thank you! You’re so right about the training being worth it – any little improvement we can make to the bipeds makes them easier to live with.

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