My First Rucksack

I was proudly wearing my rucksack on a long walk recently, when one of my bipeds told me how clever I was and I remembered the day my first rucksack arrived. I always keep an eye on what arrives in the post. There isn’t often anything of interest, but you never know your luck – occasionally there’s something nice.

It didn’t smell like a particularly interesting parcel when the female biped started unwrapping it, but she was pleased about it. She pulled it out of its packing and I still didn’t have any idea what it was. She undid some straps on it and opened some zips to look inside. She then went to the cupboard where the treats are kept – now she had my full attention! She put a selection of treats inside one of the pockets on the rucksack. She let me sniff the rucksack and gave me a treat. I was right, she was quite excited about this thing. She put it down on a chair and left it, which was a little puzzling.

A few minutes later she picked it up again. I thought it might be worth going over to her – just in case she wanted to give me another treat! She let me sniff the rucksack again and gave me another treat – now I was really starting to like this rucksack. We did this a few more times – this was great fun!

A little while later, she picked up the rucksack. She didn’t give me a treat as soon as I came to sniff it this time. She popped it onto my back and told me how clever I was and gave me two treats. It was only there for a few seconds and then it was back on the chair. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next!

I didn’t have long to wait. She popped it onto my back again and this time she left it draped over me for a little longer. I didn’t mind at all – I was wondering how many treats I was going to get. She gave me a treat and again told me how clever I was. The next time she popped it onto my back, she adjusted one of the straps and did it up, immediately giving me a treat. A moment later, she undid it and took it off again.

I was now really pleased each time she went to the chair and picked up the rucksack. I stood quietly while she put it on me again, adjusted the other strap and did it up. She gave me another treat and left it on me a little bit longer. I was quite disappointed when she took it off me. The next time she put it on me, she moved back a little and I had to walk a couple of paces to get my treat.

When the male biped came home, he went to change as usual. We had a fuss as normal, but then instead of asking him to go into the garden with me for a game, I took him to show him the marvellous new rucksack sitting on the chair. He was surprised at how excited I was, but he didn’t yet know that it held lots of treats. I could smell the treats, but he couldn’t. It’s a shame that bipeds miss so much because of their limited sense of smell.

They think I don’t know that they gradually increased the volume of water I carry on a walk – but of course I do! I now carry two litres and I am really proud to do so.

See you next Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “My First Rucksack

  1. Reblogged this on Stan the dog and commented:
    I have been thinking of getting one of these for Stan. My thinking has been that it would be good for him to have a job to do on our walks and it will also be good in the summer when he will need more water on walks so he can carry one of the bottles himself. I doubt if he will be carrying as much water as Clowie but then he is a lot smaller. I will be copying the method described here for introducing him to the rucksack and will let you know how he gets on.

    • I have two soft bottles – so that they are comfortable and so that the load is balanced. I also have a collapsible bowl that goes in my rucksack.

  2. You clever dog Clowie! Gradually training your bipeds to give you so many treats for allowing yourself to carry a rucksack, water & bowl – all for your benefit!! And you should be rightly proud of carrying two litres! 🙂

    • Thank you! I deserve the treats, because I carry those as well. Sometimes I even carry keys or mobile phones – they trust me so much. They say it’s easier to get them from my rucksack when they need them than it is from theirs, but I’m sure it’s because they’re safer in mine.

  3. More proof of what a cool biped trainer you are Clowie. You have obviously learned the tactic female bipeds use with their male bipeds when they want something done…let them think that it was all their idea and they’ll be putty in your paw! Now I know how much you love your rucksack and how trustworthy and clever you are with it… any room in there for the pups in the Pack? 😉 They’ve only got little wolfie legs and it’d keep them out of trouble…I’ll give you a really special meaty treat if you do!

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