A Tale of Two Halves

Just after my first birthday, I was out in the garden when a good friend from the end of our street came to visit. He was chatting with one of my bipeds and he said that he’d like to see what I’d been learning at my training classes. I liked the sound of this – demonstrating my skills usually brought treats my way.

I had shown him all the usual things like “sit” and “down”. Then I showed him that I could walk backwards, which is very useful when I get into a confined space and he was ever so impressed. He then asked me to shake hands. I thought it was about time he gave me something tasty as a treat for being so nice to him. So I sat ever so nicely and offered him my paw as I’d been taught, but I put on my sad expression. He laughed and said that he was sorry but he didn’t have any nice treats with him.

That really did make me feel sad. I think my expression became even more convincing because I saw one of my bipeds hand him a large dog biscuit shaped like a bone. I pretended not to have noticed. He broke the biscuit in half. He told me how clever I was and gave me one piece. I was offended! I’d performed all my tricks beautifully and he only gave me half a biscuit. Unbelievable! I took it politely and I trotted off to put it in a safe corner of the garden. Then I returned and sat in front of him with a very mournful expression on my face.

He said, “Oh dear! She doesn’t like that type of biscuit!”

I sat up straighter and looked pointedly at the other half of the biscuit, which was still in his hand.

One of my bipeds said, “Those are her favourite biscuits. I think she wants the other half. We usually give her a whole one.”

He said, “No, dogs don’t think like that.” He paused and said, “Okay, let’s see!”

He handed me the other half. I took it and gave him my paw to say thank you. I hurried away to where I’d put the first half of the biscuit and I settled down to enjoy the reunited halves of my treat.

I heard him laugh and say, “Well I never! And I thought I knew dogs. Clowie’s the first dog I’ve ever seen worry about what might be still to come. Most dogs would have eaten the first half and then tried for the rest.”

He obviously hadn’t met very many Pyrenean Mountain Dogs! As I munched on my treat, I planned how I was going to train him to hand over the whole biscuit straightaway in future.

See you next Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Halves

  1. Nice story – I hope you manage to train him to have better manners – what was he planning on doing with the other half of your biscuit? Was he stealing it?!

  2. Reblogged this on Stan the dog and commented:
    Stan and I think this could be a case of biscuit stealing – or biscuit fraud. Both very serious crimes. The police should investigate, especially if the crime is repeated.

    • Thank you!

      He has never attempted anything as serious as that again. He knows it won’t work and we are the best of friends.

      I feel it’s a possibility that other young dogs should be aware of though.

  3. To coin an expression, that really DOES take the biscuit Clowie! 🙂 Well deserved too after such a great performance -half a biscuit is mean! Would the biped settle for half a biscuit? I don’t think so!

  4. Hi Clowie….what a story – no doubt that human will remember to give you the WHOLE treat next time instead of trying to short change you after you’d shown him how smart you are with your tricks! Thanks for stopping by my blog – may I say that you’re a very pretty woof-woof? I really don’t know a whole bunch of dogs….mostly felines….but I DO think you and I would get along don’t you????? Happy Wednesday.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Thank you, I think we’ll get along very well, I like my own cats very much and I look after them.

      He always gave me the whole treat after that. Training bipeds can be very time consuming, but it’s worth the effort!

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